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Audit Your Budget And Spending

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This expertly designed prompt empowers anyone to get a personalized financial audit from ChatGPT to take control of their spending, maximize savings, and make progress on money goals. With just a few edits, ChatGPT gets an in-depth understanding of your income, expenses, behaviors, and objectives. It then provides a detailed analysis identifying potential waste, ideas to optimize your budget, and key areas to cut back on.
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3 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
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Example input
[Annual income]: $75,000 [Emergency fund savings]: $5,000 [Retirement savings]: $12,000 [Monthly rent]: $1,200 [Utilities]: $150 [Groceries]: $400 [Dining out]: $200 [Shopping]: $150 [Goal 1]: Buy a house in 2 years [Goal 2]: Increase retirement fund by $5k annually This allows the user to tailor the prompt by inputting their specific income, expenses, savings, and financial goals. The personalized inputs will result in a detailed financial analysis and savings optimization plan from ChatGPT.
Example output
Financial Audit and Recommendations Based on your $75,000 annual income, current expenses, and savings of $5,000 in emergency and $12,000 in retirement, here are my recommendations: - Dining out costs of $200/month are higher than average. Decreasing dining out to $100/month would save $1,200 annually. - Shopping expenses of $150/month could be reduced by setting a strict budget of $100/month, saving $600 annually. - By decreasing dining and shopping costs, you can increase retirement savings by $1,800 annually to meet your goal of contributing an additional $5k. - Your emergency fund should be increased to $10,000 to cover 6 months of expenses. I advise transferring $2,000 from checking this year to achieve this target. - Forecasted savings from changes allow you to increase your monthly house savings fund from $500 to $800 monthly. This will help you meet your 2 year timeline for a down payment. This demonstrates how the prompt's personalized analysis and recommendations aim to optimize the user's budget and spending to achieve their savings goals efficiently.
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