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Boost Profits Through Purposeful Choice

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This prompt helps you evaluate and improve your revenue model based on customer behavior, tech, market changes, and best practices. Options include subscriptions, pay-as-you-go, leasing, licensing, bundles, upsells, referrals, coaching, and more. Guidance is given to boost revenue through a model that aligns with customer preferences and encourages repeat sales. Success depends on your innovation and unity with customers. My goal is to help you succeed.
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Updated: 3 weeks ago

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Example input
[Product/Service]: Online course platform [Target Market]: Individuals and small businesses [Priorities]: Customer experience, affordability, simplicity [Learn]: Considering a subscription model, consulting packages and mobile app [Current Model]: Pay-per-course model with bulk discounts. Average sale price is $300-$500. [Key Challenge]: Dependence on new course sales each month to generate revenue and reach profit targets. Sales cycle inconsistent based on promotions run and courses released. Looking for ways to create recurring value for customers and predictable revenue/income for the business. [Top Interests]: Bundles of related courses at a discounted price, paid memberships to access all courses available, paid consulting programs to support customers in achieving key learning objectives. Potential to optimize offers through a mobile app for easy access on the go.
Example output
Here are recommendations for revising your revenue model to boost profits through recurring revenue streams: Offer monthly or annual paid memberships that provide access to your full course library. Price based on value offered with additional discounts for longer terms. This creates predictable income and additional value for customers through easy access to more content available. Develop bundles that group 3-5 related courses at a 25-30% discount. Upsell existing and new customers with bundles matched to their needs and interests. Bundles drive higher lifetime value and satisfaction. Launch a paid consulting, coaching or mentorship program for customers wanting additional support and accountability. Provide packages at varying price points based on level of access and services included. Consulting services establish ongoing engagement and needs beyond course completion alone. Optimize a mobile app to allow customers to stream courses, track progress and easily purchase/access additional bundles or consulting support on the go. A mobile platform drives traffic, productivity and impulse buys based on convenience offered. Develop paid memberships for team or group discounts. Appeal to businesses, nonprofits, associations, etc. wanting to invest in skills training and education for employees or members. Offer additional features or course bundles tailored to their priorities and goals at a lower cost based on volume and needs. Does this provide a helpful framework for evaluating and revising your revenue model? Please let me know if you would like me to elaborate on any recommendations further or explore additional alternatives for your consideration based on details you provide. My goal is to offer the most useful prompt possible based on your unique business situation, priorities, target market needs and technology options currently available or on the horizon that might drive revenue opportunity through customer experience enhanced for mutual reward. Success depends upon your choice to lead where others now follow. The future expands by giving more through innovation lived today. Partnership calls - and guidance answers to illuminate your way! Now let's proceed and optimize your path. Prosperity builds each day through purpose we share.
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