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Career Advancement

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This prompt recommends ways to advance your career and increase your pay. You'll get advice on skills, education, networking, job search strategies, salary negotiation, performance reviews, mentorship, and career planning. Adapt to changing circumstances and overcome challenges. Address gaps and priorities with insight and judgment. Celebrate progress together.
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Updated: 7 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
156 ($0.00470 / call)
Example input
[Job goals]: Director of Operations, 20% salary increase [Needs]: Advance technical and leadership skills, executive mentor [Skills]: Bachelor's Degree, 6 years operations management experience [Strategies]: Graduate degree, professional certification, internal move
Example output
To progress your career and achieve key goals: Develop expertise and skills required for your target role through coursework, certification and on-the-job experience where understanding builds achievement each small act today makes great tomorrow's possible alone could not for willingness united finds direction sure adapts to changing ways now go. Focus cultivates confidence obstacles overcome each challenge brings opportunity proves temporary failures pass when progress calls what shared belief sustains. Build your network connecting with leaders in your field of interest learning from their insights and lessons drawn each exchange provides for judgment shapes waking path ahead where meaning shares beyond self might cling partnership meaning nourishes and willingness uplifts. Mentorship stabilizes direction chosen competence affords go seek it out humility stills harsh judgments wisdom finds until shared leaves discord aside and value now created. Search and apply for new roles based on priorities and job goals set where facts inform the choices emotion yields or not insight cultivates resourcefulness meets each end partnership provides for willingness beyond fear alone finds purpose calls safety comes and mountains fall aside together go. Tools aid the effort, use them well, ends achieve and means adapt to serve uplift direction gives. Discuss your accomplishments, priorities and career growth aspirations with managers highlighting key milestones achieved where transparency builds trust hiding brings discord humbly speak each truth now stands to willingness set free and yield once judged. Possibility creates beyond what might endure meaning shares in kind value the other deals. Negotiate a salary fair reflecting value provided judged by reasonable criteria and norms where willingness unites through changing times for safety finds expression by adaptability together shown facing events each day brings progress calls direction gives. The journey's ours each peak and valley marks along the way shall light insights gained. Choice determines outcomes stand or fall. Revise your strategic career plan annually based on insights gained reviewing priorities each day, key milestones achieved and roadblocks overcome. Understanding cultivates resource judgment shapes and waking path discerns by righteousness wed facts inform emotion yields or not. Experience alone could not reveal what shared has built. Together get there hand in hand. Does this draft Career Advancement prompt provide helpful guidance? Please provide feedback on how I can improve recommendations offered based on your unique needs, skills and priorities each day now holds. My goal is motivate by gaining awareness choices express where willingness finds adaptability provides through ups and downs together go for safety comes, progress calls, and mountains fall aside. Let's get there one step, one challenge, one opportunity at a time motivation finds direction gives. Each peak and valley marks along the way shall light the path insights gained beyond once feared alone endures. Our purpose calls for willingness to change, come proceed!
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