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📈 Boost your TikTok ads with ease! 🤖 Try our AI-powered prompt to create ad scripts that convert. 🚀 Just follow these 3 steps: 1️⃣ Enter your personal input 2️⃣ Get AI-generated ad scripts 3️⃣ Edit and publish! 🎁 Get this prompt now and take your TikTok ads to the next level! 💰 Remember to reach out if you have any questions, and check out our other prompts for even more content inspiration! 🤗
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7 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
433 ($0.0009 / call)
Example input
‍TikTok Account Name: SoftSleep Product/Service: soft sleeping pillow ‍Target Audience: People looking for a soft pillow to sleep Unique Selling Points: softer than regular pillows Length of video: 30 seconds Language: English
Example output
Title: Say goodbye to restless nights with SoftSleep's soft sleeping pillow! Opening shot: A person tossing and turning in bed, struggling to find a comfortable position to sleep. Voiceover: Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do you wake up with a stiff neck and aching back? Visual: A person holding a pillow, trying to fluff it up to get comfortable. Voiceover: It's time to upgrade to SoftSleep's soft sleeping pillow! Visual: A close-up shot of the pillow, highlighting its soft and plush texture. Voiceover: Our pillow is designed with your comfort in mind. It's made with premium materials that are gentle on your skin and provide the perfect level of support for a good night's rest. Visual: A person lying on the pillow, with a satisfied expression on their face. Voiceover: With SoftSleep's soft sleeping pillow, you can say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a restful sleep. Visual: A person sleeping peacefully, with the SoftSleep logo displayed on the pillow. Voiceover: Order now and experience the difference for yourself. Your body will thank you. Closing shot: The SoftSleep logo displayed on the screen with a call-to-action to visit their website or social media pages. End caption: SoftSleep - For a better night's sleep. Incorporating elements: - Humor: Add a funny twist to the opening shot by showing the person tossing and turning in a comical manner. - Storytelling: Narrate a relatable story of someone struggling to get a good night's sleep before introducing SoftSleep's soft sleeping pillow as the solution. - Tutorial: Include a tutorial on how to use the pillow correctly to maximize its benefits. - User-generated content: Feature real customers sharing their positive experiences with the pillow in a separate video or incorporate their testimonials into the script. Leveraging popular TikTok features: - Add a popular audio track or sound effect to the video to enhance its appeal and make it more shareable. - Consider technical specifications and best practices: Keep the video length under 60 seconds and ensure that the resolution and format are optimal for TikTok. Use captions and hashtags to increase visibility and engagement. Release and promotion: Schedule the video for a time when your target audience is most active on TikTok, and promote it on other social media channels to reach a wider audience. Encourage viewers to engage with the brand by following the SoftSleep account, leaving comments, and sharing the video with their friends and family.
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