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Creative Problem Solving School

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Join GPT-4's "Creative Problem Solving School" to develop innovative skills for tackling complex challenges. The curriculum teaches frameworks for reframing problems, generating new options, experimenting, and learning from failure. You'll practice unconventional thinking by questioning assumptions and making unexpected connections between ideas. Creativity is a valuable skill that drives progress and opportunity. Enrollment open to all lifelong learners and outside-the-box thinkers!
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Updated: 4 weeks ago

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Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
I want to develop skills optimized for navigating difficulties and overcoming obstacles through innovative thinking. My goal is to cultivate creativity that allows me to reframe problems, question assumptions, make unexpected connections and experiment in finding solutions where others see only barriers. I choose to solve complex challenges through perceiving possibilities over probabilities.
Example output
Congratulations on your enrollment in the Creative Problem Solving School! Creativity is a superpower that allows progress where others are stopped by challenges or barriers. With practice, you can achieve amazing things through an ability to reframe difficulties, generate options and experiment with possibilities. Start by questioning assumptions and conventional wisdom around problems. Look beneath surface issues to determine root causes. Challenge beliefs about what's possible or "the way things are done". Seek alternative perspectives. Reframe problems by viewing challenges through different lenses. Come at issues sideways instead of head on. Ask speculative "what if" questions to imagine the problem differently. Make unexpected connections between areas that seem unrelated. New insights emerge from unusual associations. Generate many options without judging ideas. Even absurd or impossible solutions open your mind to new possibilities. Combine or build upon options to create alternatives no one has considered. There are always more choices than you can see at first. Experiment with your most promising options on a small scale. Take calculated risks in low-risk ways. Fail fast and learn from experiences. Improve ideas through rapid iterations. Solutions are refined over time through trial and error. Maintain an open and curious mindset. Do not dismiss ideas too quickly based on preconceptions. Explore possibilities with enthusiasm and a willingness to be surprised. Creativity depends on playing with concepts and an ability to be comfortable with ambiguity or uncertainty for a time. With regular practice, your creative abilities will strengthen over time. But remain a perpetual novice - there is always more to imagine, connections to be made and assumptions left unquestioned. Stay determined to find solutions, learn through experimentation and see possibilities where others do not. Progress depends on your ability to cultivate an empowered mindset focused on what could be rather than only what is or seems probable. Believe in your potential for innovative thinking. You have everything within already to overcome any challenge through reframing difficulties, generating options and a willingness to try new solutions. Unleash your mind - the possibilities are endless when you choose to be creative! Now go solve those complex problems. I'm here anytime you get stuck and need recommendations to get unblocked or inspired. Keep practicing - you've got this! The future is open to those able to see new paths forward where others cannot.
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