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Digital Wedding Invitations Tested

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Create a formal digital wedding invitation with placeholders for the bride and groom’s names, date, time, and venue. Include a warm greeting, formal request, and details such as the date in a formal format, ceremony time, venue with address, RSVP request, and dress code (if needed). The design should be sophisticated and suitable for digital sharing, emphasizing respect and significance.

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1 week ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
273 ($0.0004 / call)
Example input
The placeholders in the prompt are: [Guest’s Name]: The name of the person or people invited to the wedding, e.g., ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ or ‘John and Jane Doe’ [Bride’s Name]: The full name of the bride, e.g., ‘Elizabeth Anne Jones’ [Groom’s Name]: The full name of the groom, e.g., ‘William James Smith’ [Day]: The numerical day of the month of the wedding, e.g., ‘12th’ or ‘31st’ [Month]: The name of the month of the wedding, e.g., ‘June’ or ‘December’ [Year]: The four-digit year of the wedding, e.g., ‘2023’ or ‘2024’ [Time]: The time of the wedding ceremony, using a 12-hour clock and specifying AM or PM, e.g., ‘2:00 PM’ or ‘10:30 AM’ [Venue Name]: The name of the venue where the wedding ceremony will take place, e.g., ‘St. Mary’s Church’ or ‘The Grand Hotel’ [Venue Address]: The street address of the venue, including the city and state, e.g., ‘123 Main Street, Springfield, IL’ or ‘456 Park Avenue, New York, NY’ [Special Instructions]: Any additional information or directions for the guests, such as parking options, entrance codes, or shuttle services, e.g., ‘Please park in the lot behind the church and use the side entrance’ or ‘A complimentary shuttle service will be available from the hotel to the venue’ [RSVP Deadline]: The date by which the guests should respond to the invitation, using a formal date format, e.g., ‘the 15th of October’ or ‘the 30th of November’ [Dress Code]: The type of attire requested for the wedding, if applicable, e.g., ‘Black-tie’ or ‘Cocktail
Example output
[Front of the Invitation] [Classic Wedding Motif/Image] [Centered, Elegant Font Title] You Are Cordially Invited [Centered, Elegant Font Subtitle] To Celebrate the Union of [Centered, Large and Elegant Font Bride's Name] Emily Smith [Centered, Elegant Font] and [Centered, Large and Elegant Font Groom's Name] John Johnson [Centered, Elegant Font] In Holy Matrimony [Centered, Elegant Font] Saturday, the 15th of June, 2024 [Centered, Elegant Font] at 4:30 PM in the afternoon [Centered, Elegant Font] The Elegant Manor 123 Royal Avenue City, State [Centered, Elegant Font] Please follow directions on our website for parking. [Centered, Elegant Font] Kindly respond by May 1st, 2024 [Centered, Elegant Font] Black-tie attire requested [Back of the Invitation] [Classic Wedding Motif/Image] [Centered, Elegant Font] Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all. If you wish to honor us with a wedding gift, we have registered at [Registry Name]. Your blessings and well wishes are also greatly appreciated. [Centered, Elegant Font] For more information and to RSVP, please visit our wedding website at [Website URL]. [Centered, Elegant Font] Inquiries can be directed to [Email Address] or [Phone Number]. [Centered, Elegant Font] We look forward to celebrating this joyous occasion with you. [Centered, Elegant Font] With warmest regards, [Centered, Elegant Font] Emily and John [Centered, Elegant Font] [Wedding Date in Numeric Format]
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