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Ecosystem Evolution Mapping

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This prompt helps you understand how the business ecosystem around your industry might change in the next 10 years due to digital connectivity, open collaboration, and convergence. By mapping out the ecosystem, you can find new opportunities for partnerships, alliances, and business models that can drive growth. With practice, you'll develop skills for recognizing changes in the ecosystem, spotting opportunities across different sectors, and gaining power through unexpected partnerships.

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Updated: 1 month ago

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Example input
I want you to act as my visionary leadership coach. Take me through an exercise mapping how the broader business ecosystem surrounding the [digital media and entertainment] industry could evolve over the next 10-15 years based on accelerating trends like [increasing personalized and immersive experiences], [open collaboration between content creators and tech companies], and [convergence of physical and digital realms].
Example output
Congratulations, let's start mapping the future! Based on trends, I envision the business ecosystem around [your industry] transforming in several key ways over the next 10-15 years: Declining industry silos as data flows, customer experiences and innovation accelerate across sectors. Successful companies will coordinate strategically with partners in adjacent and even seemingly unrelated fields to keep up with the pace of change. Emerging digital partnership frameworks and infrastructures enabling new levels of seamless collaboration at scale. Leaders will leverage these new connective capacities to forge alliances and unite around solving complex challenges. Converging value chains across sectors as technologies like AI, AR/VR and autonomous systems drive synergies and opportunities for integration and co-creation currently unimagined. Visionary companies will spot convergence points first and pioneer new ecosystem-spanning business models. To capitalize on these shifts, I would recommend: Pursuing "unlikely alliances" with ambitious, values-aligned brands in complementary industries to build future capabilities and offerings together rather than alone. Look for potential partners working to solve similar problems in novel ways. Investing in developing "ecosystem fluency" and scanning widely for signals of convergence across sectors. The less obvious opportunities are often the most transformative and rewarding for those able to perceive them early. Experimenting with new partnership frameworks, joint ventures, data collaboration models and open innovation programs to start pioneering more integrated relationships and value creation. Ecosystem pioneers will shape the future. The key is opening your mind beyond typical categories and models of partnership or competition to the future that is waiting to be built together. Fortune favors the bold in times of upheaval - go forth and map the future of your ecosystem! The journey starts today. Let's keep exploring.
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