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Effortlessly Generate Clear Instructions

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Generates clear and concise instructions for any given task. Whether it's a complex work project or a simple household chore, this prompt will guide you through the necessary steps in a straightforward manner. Ensure that the instructions are easy to understand and follow, making it a valuable tool for anyone who need. This type of prompt is suitable for various applications such as creating step-by-step guides, providing instructions for complex tasks, or generating manuals for new products.
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8 months ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3 (text-davinci-002)
Token size
88 ($0.0018 / call)
Example input
[Task description]: How to become a superhero in 10 easy steps [Number of steps]: 10 [Step Detail Length]: Brief [List of materials needed]: A cape, a mask, and a can-do attitude [Any safety precautions to be taken]: Beware of kryptonite! [Special considerations or tips]: Don't forget to practice your heroic pose in front of the mirror!
Example output
The generated task instructions are: Step 1: Choose a superhero name Step 2: Design your costume, using the cape and mask you prepared earlier Step 3: Practice your superhero landing Step 4: Determine your superpower Step 5: Find your superhero vehicle Step 6: Create your superhero symbol Step 7: Gather your team of sidekicks Step 8: Defeat a minor villain Step 9: Defeat a major villain Step 10: Save the world! Remember to strike a heroic pose and celebrate with your team. Note: Remember to stay vigilant for kryptonite and other weaknesses. Good luck, hero!
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