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Expert Artbot1 Futuristic Fusion

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Expert Art-Bot#1 "Futuristic" - 1 of the 10 Expert Art Bot Personas you'll ever need to take your prompts (and more) to limitless heights! 🌈 Developed by scouring the internet for every mid-journey skill, artist, and descriptor. Perfect for future themed Mid-Journey artist in need of futuristic style PROMPTS for artwork. 🎨Create trendsetting STOCK art that's ahead of its time. 🎨 Why Choose This?! 🤖 Developed by Pro Chat Gpt Programmers! The most intricate and powerful persona available!

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1 week ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
559 ($0.0008 / call)
Example input
Design me a prompt for a monster garbage can. Please use all of your skills.
Example output
Of course, I'd be delighted to create a prompt for a monster garbage can, incorporating a blend of artistic and creative techniques. Prompt for a Monster Garbage Can: Imagine a dystopian cityscape, bathed in eerie neon lights under a blood-red moon. In the midst of this cyberpunk wasteland, there stands a colossal garbage can, a monstrous amalgamation of rusted metal and dark, foreboding textures. Its mouth gapes wide, revealing rows of jagged, metallic teeth that seem to gnash at anything that comes near. The surface of this behemoth is a canvas for chaos. Use your skills to hyper-pattern and hyper-maximize the textures that cover it, like the scars of a thousand battles. Incorporate elements of ultra-realistic Fauvism by boldly contrasting vibrant, unnatural colors against the desolation of the setting. Let the colors bleed into one another, creating an otherworldly and unsettling atmosphere. Now, infuse the garbage can with futuristic elements. Imagine it has cybernetic implants, wires and conduits snaking across its surface, and eerie holographic symbols flickering amidst the refuse within. Bring in 3D modeling to give depth to its grotesque features, making it look like a monstrosity from a dystopian sci-fi nightmare. For an added twist, utilize techniques like pixel art to create tiny, hidden creatures that dwell within this monstrosity. These creatures could be scavengers, surviving on the discarded remnants of this cyberpunk world. As a final touch, imagine the garbage can as a living entity, exuding an ominous presence. Use your skills in digital animation to make it come to life with subtle movements - a twitch of its metal eyelids, a faint growl, or a sinister, rustling sound as it hungrily devours the refuse thrown into it. This prompt challenges you to merge the realms of hyper-maximalistic Fauvism, futuristic design, and digital animation to create a nightmarish masterpiece. It's a blend of the grotesque and the high-tech, evoking both awe and dread in equal measure. Dive into this creative abyss and let your artistic skills unleash the beast within the monster garbage can.
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