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Famous Screenwriter Movie Style

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Experience the magic of cinema with this prompt. Get a full movie script tailored to your topic in the style of renowned screenwriters like Christopher Nolan or Quentin Tarantino. Dive into suspenseful storytelling, non-linear plots, and unforgettable characters. Step into the world of cinema and script your success today. 🎥
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Updated: 3 months ago

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Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
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Example input
Quentin Tarantino Battle royal in an abandoned city English
Example output
Title: City of Shadows Genre: Action/Thriller Written by Quentin Tarantino INT. ABANDONED CITY - DAY A desolate and decaying city stretches out as far as the eye can see. Overgrown vegetation has reclaimed the streets, and shattered windows of dilapidated buildings whisper of a once vibrant past. The atmosphere is eerie, a ghost town forgotten by time. EXT. ABANDONED CITY - DAY A helicopter hovers above, circling the city. It carries a group of rugged SOLDIERS, each armed to the teeth. Their leader, CAPTAIN JACKSON, gazes down, searching for a suitable landing spot. INT. HELICOPTER - DAY CAPTAIN JACKSON (through headset) Touch down at the intersection of 8th and Elm. We'll establish our base camp there. The helicopter descends towards the intersection. EXT. ABANDONED CITY - INTERSECTION OF 8TH AND ELM - DAY The helicopter lands with a powerful gust of wind, kicking up debris. The SOLDIERS rush out, spreading out strategically. Their eyes dart around, wary of any lurking danger. INT. ABANDONED BUILDING - DAY Captain Jackson and his squad set up their command post in an old, crumbling building. They huddle around a map spread out on a makeshift table. CAPTAIN JACKSON Alright, here's the plan. We're in the middle of a battle royale. Thirty-six contestants fighting for survival. Our objective is to eliminate them all and be the last ones standing. Keep your wits about you, and remember, trust no one. The SOLDIERS nod, their expressions steely and determined. EXT. ABANDONED CITY - DAY The sound of distant GUNFIRE echoes through the streets. The SOLDIERS move cautiously, eyes scanning for threats. INT. ABANDONED BUILDING - COMMAND POST - DAY A young SOLDIER, PRIVATE MILLER, studies the map intently. PRIVATE MILLER (squinting) I think I've figured out where they're holed up. The old theater on 10th Street. CAPTAIN JACKSON Good work, Miller. Let's go pay them a visit. EXT. ABANDONED CITY - OLD THEATER - DAY Captain Jackson and his squad approach the theater stealthily. Gunshots ring out from inside. They take positions, preparing for a fierce confrontation. INT. ABANDONED THEATER - DAY The SOLDIERS burst through the theater doors, guns blazing. They encounter a group of contestants engaged in a brutal firefight. Chaos ensues. Bullets fly, bodies fall. The intense violence fills the air, accompanied by the symphony of screams and gunfire. EXT. ABANDONED CITY - VARIOUS LOCATIONS - DAY The battle rages on. The SOLDIERS and contestants engage in cat-and-mouse pursuits through alleyways, rooftops, and crumbling buildings. Each encounter is a high-stakes game of survival. INT. ABANDONED BUILDING - COMMAND POST - NIGHT Captain Jackson and Private Miller return, bloodied and battered. They collapse onto chairs, gasping for breath. CAPTAIN JACKSON (panting) We've lost so many... but we can't give up. We have to keep going. PRIVATE MILLER (resolute) I'm with you, Captain. Let's finish this. EXT. ABANDONED CITY - FINAL SHOWDOWN - NIGHT Captain Jackson and his squad face off against the remaining contestants in a desolate square. The tension is palpable. Bullets fly, bodies fall, and the SOLDIERS fight with unwavering determination. The line between hero and villain blurs as each side fights for their survival. EXT. ABANDONED CITY - FINAL SHOWDOWN - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS Amidst the chaos, Captain Jackson confronts the last remaining contestant, a formidable opponent. CAPTAIN JACKSON (intense) It ends here. Only one of us leaves this city alive. They engage in a brutal hand-to-hand combat. The fight is fierce, the outcome uncertain. INT. ABANDONED BUILDING - COMMAND POST - NIGHT Captain Jackson emerges victorious, bloodied and bruised. The remaining contestants lie motionless on the ground. He looks around, his eyes filled with a mix of relief and sorrow. EXT. ABANDONED CITY - SUNSET Captain Jackson and the surviving SOLDIERS gather near the helicopter, preparing to leave the forsaken city. CAPTAIN JACKSON (to his squad) We did what we had to do. We survived. But remember this place. Remember the lives lost. May their sacrifices never be forgotten. They board the helicopter, leaving behind the remnants of the battle-scarred city. FADE OUT.
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