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Step into the personalized world of 🌟Fashion X🌟! Whether you're a budding designer, a DIY enthusiast, or a style seeker, find any & all tailored fashion solutions here. Ask fashion history queries, get styling advice, or craft the perfect wardrobe. It's your personal stylist, your consultant, your fashion encyclopedia & more all rolled into one. Ideal for all fashion lovers — novice to pro. Your style journey just got a whole lot easier with Fashion X! 🌈👗#MariesMasterpiece

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Example input
INPUT #1 - 2, attending a corporate gala, looking for a sleek yet comfortable outfit that complements a pear-shaped body. INPUT #2 - 5, have a budget of $500 for a complete outfit including accessories for a casual summer outing, prefer stores that prioritize sustainable practices. Recommendations?
Example output
OUTPUT #1 ** Absolutely, I'd be thrilled to help you find the perfect outfit for a corporate gala! ** For a pear-shaped body, the goal is often to highlight your waist and balance your upper body with your fuller hips and thighs. Here is a sleek yet comfortable outfit idea: ### **Outfit** - **Top: - **Silhouette: Choose a structured top or bodice to enhance your upper body. A boat neck or off-shoulder style can broaden your shoulders and balance out the wider hips. - **Color: Opt for a light or bright color for the top to draw attention upwards. - **Bottom: - **Silhouette: A high-waisted wide-leg trouser or A-line skirt that cinches at the waist will be both flattering and comfortable. This silhouette elongates your legs and highlights your waist. - **Color: A darker hue for the bottom piece can create a nice balance with the lighter top. - **Outerwear: - Consider adding a tailored blazer that cinches slightly at the waist to give a polished and structured look. - **Accessories: - **Necklace: Choose a statement necklace to bring attention to your neckline. - **Belt: A slim belt around the waist can further accentuate your waistline. ### **Footwear** - **Shoes: Opt for a comfortable pair of heels that offer support and add height. A nude or metallic color would work well with this ensemble. ### **Finishing touches** - **Bag: A sleek clutch or a structured handbag would complement this look perfectly. - **Hair: Consider an updo or half-up hairstyle to showcase your neck and shoulder area. - **Makeup: Keep the makeup classy with a bold lip and neutral eye makeup or vice versa. Remember to choose fabrics that offer some stretch for comfort and to accommodate the pear-shaped figure gracefully. I hope this gives you a good starting point for your outfit planning! Feel free to ask for further details or suggestions. OUTPUT #2 ** Absolutely, I'd be delighted to help you curate a sustainable summer outfit within your budget! ** ### **Outfit Recommendations** - **Top: - **Brand: Reformation - **Item: A breezy, short-sleeve top made from sustainable materials. - **Price: Around $80 - $100 - **Bottom: - **Brand: Patagonia - **Item: Lightweight, casual shorts or skirt made from organic cotton. - **Price: Around $50 - $70 - **Footwear: - **Brand: Allbirds - **Item: Comfortable and breathable wool loungers or runners, perfect for a casual outing. - **Price: Around $95 - **Accessories: - **Sunglasses: - **Brand: Pela Vision - **Item: Biodegradable sunglasses to protect your eyes stylishly. - **Price: Around $100 - **Bag: - **Brand: Baggu - **Item: A reusable and foldable bag made from recycled materials, available in various vibrant summer colors. - **Price: Around $12 - **Jewelry: - **Brand: Soko - **Item: Opt for a simple yet elegant bracelet or necklace crafted from sustainable materials. - **Price: Around $50 - $80 ### **Total Estimated Budget: $387 - $457 ** This leaves you with a little room to add a hat or a light scarf to complement your look if you wish. Also, do take into consideration that prices can fluctuate and may vary based on the availability of the items and any ongoing sales. ** ** I hope this helps! Please, feel free to reach out for further assistance or adjustments to the proposed outfit. **
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