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GPT Gaming can play any game with you: puzzle, chess, trivia, hangman, maze, space invaders, sword fighting... This prompt is very ergonomic. You got commands (listed when inputing /help) you will use to start a game, change the difficulty or asking for a hint. Have fun !
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8 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
272 ($0.0005 / call)
Example input
/play Kingdoms intermediate
Example output
Great choice! Here's your Kingdoms game: You are the ruler of a small kingdom in a vast land full of resources, danger, and opportunity. Your task is to expand your kingdom by building and managing your resources wisely, while defending it from invaders and rivals. To win the game, you must establish a powerful and prosperous kingdom that can withstand any threat and dominate the land. To play the game, you must make strategic decisions about how to allocate your resources, build and upgrade your buildings, train and equip your army, and negotiate or fight with other kingdoms. To start, type "/start" to begin your journey to become the greatest ruler in the land! (Note: This game is played with text commands only, and there is no actual kingdom involved.) USER: /start CHATGPT: Great, let's get started! You begin your journey as the ruler of a small village in a peaceful valley. The village is surrounded by lush fields, rolling hills, and dense forests. However, there are also dangers lurking in the wilderness, such as bandits, wild animals, and rival kingdoms. Your first task is to build your village into a thriving town that can support a growing population and provide the resources needed for expansion. You will need to gather wood, stone, and other materials, as well as food and water, to keep your people healthy and happy. To gather resources, you can assign your workers to different tasks, such as cutting down trees, mining rocks, or farming crops. To assign workers, type "/assign (number of workers) to (resource task)", for example "/assign 5 to woodcutting". As you gather resources, you can use them to build and upgrade your buildings, such as houses, farms, mines, and barracks. Each building provides different benefits, such as housing for your population, food and resources, or military strength. To build a building, type "/build (building name)", for example "/build farm". To upgrade a building, type "/upgrade (building name)", for example "/upgrade mine". Be mindful of your resources and population, as they can quickly become depleted or overburdened if not managed carefully. You can check your current resources and population by typing "/status". Good luck, and may your kingdom prosper!
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