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🎓✍️ AI Writing Tutor: Elevate Your Writing Skills! 🔍 Need help editing your master's thesis? 🎓📝💡 💻✨ Experience the power of an AI tutor at your fingertips. 📚✍️ Our AI Writing Tutor provides feedback and guidance. 🔍✅ Improve composition, refine your writing style, and express ideas effectively. 🎯💡 Harness the expertise of AI tools and expert writing techniques. 💻💡 Step into the future of education and enhance your writing skills with our AI Writing Tutor.
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9 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
141 ($0.00030 / call)
Example input
A random text: Hey there, I hope your having a grate day so far! I wanted to tell you about this amazing resturant I went to last night. It's called "Gourment Delites" and it serves the most deliscious foods you'll ever taste. I ordered the chickin parmigian and it was absoloutly devine. The atmosfear of the resturant was so romantik, with dim lighting and soft music playing in the background. The waitor was really attentave and gave us some great reccomendations for our meal. He even brought us some fresh bredd to start with. The desert menu was to die for! They had a wide variety of options, from choclate mousse to strawbery cheesecake. I went with the carmel flan and it was so creamy and rich. I highly reccomend that you try Gourment Delites next time you're in town. You'll have an unforgetable expereince
Example output
Opening: Instead of using the phrase "I hope your having a grate day so far!" you can write a more formal greeting such as "I hope you're having a great day so far!" It's important to use proper spelling and grammar in formal writing. Spelling and Grammar: There are a few instances where you have misspelled words. For example, "grate" should be "great," "deliscious" should be "delicious," "absoloutly" should be "absolutely," "chickin" should be "chicken," "devine" should be "divine," "atmosfear" should be "atmosphere," and "reccomendations" should be "recommendations." Make sure to proofread your work carefully and use spell check to catch any errors. Sentence structure and clarity: Some sentences in your composition could be rephrased for better clarity and flow. For instance, "The waitor was really attentave and gave us some great reccomendations for our meal" could be revised as "The waiter provided attentive service and offered excellent recommendations for our meal." Descriptive language: While it's great that you described the atmosphere of the restaurant, consider incorporating more vivid and specific details. Instead of simply stating that the lighting was dim, you could mention the soft glow of candlelight or the warm, intimate ambiance created by the subdued lighting. This will paint a clearer picture for the reader. Punctuation and capitalization: Pay attention to correct punctuation and capitalization. For example, "resturant" should be "restaurant," "romantik" should be "romantic," "bredd" should be "bread," "desert" should be "dessert," "choclate" should be "chocolate," "strawbery" should be "strawberry," and "carmel" should be "caramel." Additionally, capitalize the names of the restaurant and the dishes, such as "Gourmet Delites" and "Chicken Parmigiana." Conclusion: While you expressed your enthusiasm for the restaurant in the conclusion, consider expanding on why it was an unforgettable experience. Was it the exceptional service, the unique flavors, or the overall ambiance? Providing specific details will make your recommendation more persuasive.
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