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3 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
198 ($0.0003 / call)
Example input
I am advertising [Insert Product or Company]: Jimmy's Catch.
Example output
[Chat GTP Responce] Certainly, I'd like to gather some essential information about Jimmy's Catch to create an effective video marketing script. Here are some questions: 1. What is the core product or service offered by Jimmy's Catch? 2. Who is your target audience? Can you describe their demographics, interests, and preferences? 3. What are the key unique selling points or competitive advantages of Jimmy's Catch? 4. Are there any specific promotions, discounts, or offers you'd like to highlight in the video? 5. Do you have any existing brand guidelines, such as logos, color schemes, or fonts, that should be incorporated into the video? 6. Are there any specific keywords or phrases that are important to include in the script for SEO purposes? 7. What is the primary goal of this video campaign? Is it to increase sales, brand awareness, or something else? 8. Do you have any specific ideas or concepts in mind for the video, or would you like me to propose some creative concepts? 9. Are there any restrictions or guidelines for the video's tone or style? 10. What is the budget and timeline for this video marketing campaign? Once I have this information, I can proceed to create a compelling video script tailored to Jimmy's Catch and your marketing goals. [User Responce] 1. It is a seafood restaurant. Our core product is our classic beer batter fried grouper and fresh hand-cut fries on the side. 2. We are located in Tampa Florida and we aim to target the ages 21 and up. It is definitely a more outdoor tropical bar atmosphere. The demographics are mostly college students and white-collar business. 3. We have great fresh-made food and excellent tropical beers on tap. We also show all the big sports games. We have live entertainment on Saturday nights. We are also right on the water. 4. We have happy hour 5 for $10 bucket choice bottle beer (Domestic/Import) from 5 to 6 p.m. every Friday. 5. Yes we have a logo watermark that can be incorporated. Our logo is powder blue with white accents. 6. None at the moment so please make one up for us. 7. To increase awareness and foot traffic to our bar from the surrounding Tampa area. 8. I would like you to propose this video concept for me. 9. More upbeat but I would like you to use your creativity and think more novel. 10. The budget is $10,000. [Chat GTP Final Responce] Thank you for providing detailed information about Jimmy's Catch. Based on your input, I've crafted a video script concept that combines the tropical and lively atmosphere of your seafood restaurant with the enticing offer of happy hour and live entertainment. This video will be in the 30-second format for Instagram Reels. --- **[INTRO - 5 seconds]** [Scenic shot of Jimmy's Catch with the waterfront view, bathed in golden sunlight] **Narrator (Voiceover):** "Welcome to Jimmy's Catch, where every moment is a catch of its own!" --- **[SCENE 1 - 5 seconds]** [A close-up shot of the mouthwatering beer-battered grouper being fried in the kitchen. The sizzle and the aroma are emphasized.] **Narrator (Voiceover):** "Indulge in the *perfectly fried* Grouper…" --- **[SCENE 2 - 5 seconds]** [A bartender's hands expertly pouring a tropical beer into a frosty glass with the Jimmy's Catch logo on it. The beer bubbles invitingly.] **Narrator (Voiceover):** "...and sip on refreshing tropical beers..." --- **[SCENE 3 - 5 seconds]** [A lively shot of customers clinking glasses and enjoying their food while cheering for a sports game on the big screen. The crowd's excitement is palpable.] **Narrator (Voiceover):** "...while you watch your favorite sports games!" --- **[SCENE 4 - 5 seconds]** [A shot of a live band performing on stage. The audience is dancing and having a great time. The waterfront view is visible in the background.] **Narrator (Voiceover):** "...and groove to the beats of live entertainment every Saturday night!" --- **[SCENE 5 - 3 seconds]** [A quick shot of a 5 for $10 bucket of choice bottle beer during happy hour, with text overlay showing the deal.] **Narrator (Voiceover):** "Don't miss our *EPIC* Friday Happy Hour!" --- **[OUTRO - 2 seconds]** [The Jimmy's Catch logo watermark appears on the screen, along with contact information and the address.] **Narrator (Voiceover):** "Jimmy's Catch - Your Tropical Paradise!" --- **[CALL TO ACTION - 5 seconds]** [Text appears on the screen with a tropical background.] **Text (On-Screen):** "Visit us today! Tag us @JimmysCatchTampa #CatchTheVibe" --- **[END - 30 seconds]** --- **Production Requirements:** - High-quality video equipment for shooting and recording. - A professional video editor to ensure smooth transitions and graphics. - Access to the restaurant during business hours for filming. - Actors and extras (if needed for crowd scenes). **Post-Editing Requirements:** - Color grading to enhance the tropical atmosphere. - Addition of background music to set the mood. - Integration of the Jimmy's Catch logo watermark and contact information. - Subtitles for accessibility and silent viewing. **Best Time to Post:** Given that your target audience is ages 21 and up and you're aiming for a more outdoor tropical bar atmosphere, the best times to post your Instagram Reels would be during the evening hours, around 6 pm to 8 pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays when people are more likely to plan their outings. Additionally, consider running the ad during sports events or game days to capture the sports-loving crowd. This will maximize the visibility of your campaign and drive foot traffic to your bar.
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