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🗳️ Looking for a way to jumpstart conversations with your LinkedIn followers? ➡️Our AI-powered LinkedIn Poll Wizard creates engaging polls that your followers won't be able to resist! ➡️You'll get a brief, engaging story on your chosen topic, a catchy poll heading, and up to 4 compelling poll questions complete with emojis. ✅Say goodbye to monotonous LinkedIn posts and hello to engaging, insightful discussions!

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6 days ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
80 ($0.0024 / call)
Example input
[User's Name]: Jessica [Target Audience]: Startup founders and small business owners [Topic]: Impact of remote work on productivity.
Example output
🌟 **Narrative:** 🌟 Hey LinkedIn community! As we all continue to navigate the evolving landscape of work, the impact of remote work on productivity has become a key topic of discussion. We're eager to hear your insights and experiences as startup founders and small business owners. Let's dive into this important conversation and uncover valuable insights together! 🔥 **Heading:** 🔥 **"Remote Work Revolution: Unleashing Productivity Potential?"** ✨ **Poll Questions:** ✨ 1️⃣ **How has remote work impacted your team's overall productivity?** - Greatly improved - Slightly improved - No change - Decreased 2️⃣ **What remote work tool has been a game-changer for your team's collaboration and efficiency?** - Slack - Zoom - Microsoft Teams - Other (please specify) 3️⃣ **Have you observed an increase in employee satisfaction with the adoption of remote work?** - Yes, significantly - Yes, moderately - No change - Decreased satisfaction 4️⃣ **What challenges have you faced in maintaining a cohesive company culture in a remote work setup?** - Communication gaps - Team bonding and social interactions - Alignment with company values - Other (please specify) Let's tap into the collective wisdom of our community and shed light on how remote work is shaping the future of productivity! Share your thoughts and encourage fellow entrepreneurs to join the conversation. 💬 #RemoteWork #ProductivityInsights #StartupLife
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