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Make Money W Friends

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🚀 Unleash the money-making entrepreneur in you with this AI-driven prompt! 🎩🧠 It'll dish out 10-15 unheard-of 💡 ideas tailored to your friends, group or squad's skills and interests. Wave goodbye to 9-5 👋, and hello to inventive moneymaking! 🎉💰 Laugh all the way to the bank! 😂🏦 Scroll down for a 25% discount on this prompt! #MariesMasterpiece
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Updated: 2 months ago

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Example input
Let's do this same assignment but instead let's do it with "friends from a robotics club ". Be sure not to list anything that was already written in this thread, additionally list 20 methods this time around.
Example output
** Absolutely, here are 20 money-making opportunities tailored specifically for a robotics club: 1. Robotics Workshops & Camps: Host workshops or summer camps teaching robotics basics to children or adults interested in the field. This would not only help spread knowledge about robotics but also serve as a source of income. 2. Custom Robot Builds: Create and sell custom robots for specific purposes. These could range from simple household chore robots to more complex designs tailored to specific tasks. 3. Robotics Repair Service: With an increased use of robotic devices, a repair service catering specifically to these machines would be in demand. 4. Robotics Parts Store: Create an online store that sells components used for robotics projects. Your club would have firsthand knowledge of what parts are commonly required and could even offer bulk discounts. 5. Prototyping Service: Offer a prototyping service where you help other inventors or businesses build a prototype of their design using your club's resources and expertise. 6. Robot Competitions: Organize and host robot competitions. Charge an entry fee and sell tickets to the event. 7. Robotics Tutorial Videos: Create an online course or YouTube channel that teaches robotics. Monetize it with ads, sponsored content, or Patreon. 8. Robotic Art Installations: Create unique art installations using robotics and rent or sell them to businesses, galleries, or event organizers. 9. 3D Printing Service: Use any 3D printers your club has to offer a 3D printing service for those who need custom parts but don't have access to a printer. 10. Drone Photography and Videography: If your club works with drones, consider offering drone-based photography and videography services. 11. Coding Boot Camps: Hold coding boot camps focused on programming for robotics. 12. Home Automation Services: Offer services to automate various tasks around the home using robotics. 13. Robotics Consulting: Offer consulting services to businesses interested in implementing robotics into their operations. 14. E-waste Collection and Recycling: Collect old electronics and salvage useful parts for your projects. You can sell the remaining waste to recycling companies. 15. Educational School Visits: Offer to bring your robots to local schools for demonstrations. You can charge a fee for this service. 16. Selling Software: If your club develops unique software for your robots, consider selling this software to other hobbyists or professionals. 17. Robotics-themed Merchandise: Design and sell robotics-themed merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc. 18. Collaborate with Filmmakers: Offer your robots for use in film production. This could be an exciting and creative way to gain exposure and make money. 19. Agricultural Robots: Develop robots for use in agriculture, such as automated irrigation systems, crop monitoring drones, or harvesting robots. 20. Robotics Kit Assembly: Assemble and sell beginner-friendly robotics kits, which could be used by schools or individuals wanting to learn about robotics. ** Remember that every idea will require effort, planning, and possibly initial capital to start. It's important to thoroughly research any potential business opportunity to understand the market and determine feasibility. Your club should also be aware of any legal implications, such as patents or trademarks, when developing and selling technology. **
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