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Metaphor Master For Coaches

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💡 Transform your coaching sessions with the power of metaphors! 🚀 The AI-powered Metaphor Creator helps illuminate complex ideas, making breakthroughs a breeze for your clients. 🌈 Ideal for life coaches, psychologists, and counsellors wanting to deepen client insights. Potential users include professional coaches, counsellors, therapists, teachers, and HR professionals. 👥 #CoachingTools #MetaphorCreator #CoachingMetaphors
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Updated: 3 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
301 ($0.009 / call)
Example input
Coaching topic: Personal Growth Client's situation and challenges: Struggling with fear of change and stuck in comfort zone
Example output
Based on the information provided, the AI will generate a metaphor to facilitate understanding, catalyze insights, and enable breakthroughs in the coaching session. Example: "Imagine yourself as a hiker standing at the base of a grand mountain. The peak of the mountain represents your potential for personal growth and the courage to embrace change. The trail up the mountain is unknown and steep, much like the path of personal development and change. It can be intimidating, but each step forward, each small elevation you conquer, gets you closer to the peak. Sometimes, you might stumble on a loose stone or find the path to be too steep. This is akin to facing the fears and challenges that hold you back. But remember, every successful mountaineer has faced these moments of doubt and has chosen to push forward, knowing that the view from the top is worth the struggle. The comfort zone you are in is the base camp. It's safe and familiar, but it doesn't offer the breathtaking view from the peak, which can only be achieved by stepping out of your comfort zone and taking the uphill path. Just like in hiking, the key is to equip yourself with the right tools, prepare for the journey, and then set off with determination. It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves."
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