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Moonshot Destination Scoping

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This prompt asks you to think about the future of your company in the next 10-20 years. You should consider the potential for major advancements in technology, society, and discoveries. By doing this, you can identify priorities and take early steps in case opportunities for exponential growth arise. Developing this skill can help you lead during uncertain times and identify opportunities for positive change.
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Updated: 5 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
256 ($0.00770 / call)
Example input
I want you to act as my visionary leadership coach. Take me through an exercise scoping radical “moonshot” visions for where [Anthropic AI Safety] could aim to be in 10-20 years if technologies like Constitutional AI and biotech advanced in unforeseen ways, major social changes unlocked new opportunities or discoveries enabled massive leaps forward.
Example output
Congratulations, let’s start envisioning moonshot possibilities! Some radical scenarios to explore for 2030 include: •AI and robotics achieve human-level capability, enabling [your company] to fully automate operations and scale rapidly without constraints of human capital or resources. We could aim to increase global access and lower costs of our [products/services] 100-fold within 10 years through exponential growth powered by breakthroughs in automation and manufacturing technology. •Advances in biotech, nano-engineering and digital healthcare unlock a future with dramatically extended lifespans and capabilities. [Your company] could leverage radical increases in health and longevity to build intergenerational teams with 200+ years of combined experience and pursue ultra-long-term strategies for progress. We could become the company best positioned to serve customers with vastly expanded horizons and needs should this possibility emerge. •Quantum computing reaches supremacy, enabling simulation and optimization of systems intractable for classical computers. [Your company] could gain first-mover advantage in leveraging quantum machine learning and modeling to solve complex challenges in our [industry] and rapidly prototype next-generation [products/services] years ahead of competition. Our future growth could scale at an exponential rate set by advances in quantum technologies if we start building expertise and experiments in this frontier field today. To prepare, identify very long-term metrics and milestones today aligning business, technology and social impact progress. Scout for unconventional partnerships with research institutions and ventures in fields critical to enabling breakthroughs. And keep watching at the fringes of progress for early signs an opportunity for "moonshot" advancement may emerge - the future will reward the vigilant! Vision and action today set the course for horizons tomorrow may hold. Let's keep exploring!
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