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This prompt template is designed to generate multiple-choice questions for various topics and educational levels. It's a versatile and customizable template that can help you quickly create batches of multiple-choice questions for educational purposes. The prompt template is flexible and adaptable, allowing users to create questions on a wide range of subjects and for different levels of education.
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Updated: 3 months ago

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Example output
Create 3 multiple-choice questions about World Capitals for Intermediate Geography: Context: The following questions are related to world capitals. 1. Which city is the capital of France? A) Madrid B) Rome C) Paris D) Berlin Correct Answer: C 2. What is the capital of Japan? A) Tokyo B) Seoul C) Beijing D) Bangkok Correct Answer: A 3. Which city serves as the capital of Australia? A) Sydney B) Melbourne C) Canberra D) Brisbane Correct Answer: C ________________________________________ Create 4 multiple-choice questions about Basic Algebra for High School Math: Context: The following questions involve basic algebraic concepts. 1. What is the solution to the equation 3x + 7 = 22? A) x = 5 B) x = 6 C) x = 7 D) x = 8 Correct Answer: A 2. Simplify the expression: 2(x + 3) - 5x. A) -3x + 6 B) -3x - 6 C) 3x + 6 D) 3x - 6 Correct Answer: A 3. Solve for y: 4y/2 + 5 = 9. A) y = 2 B) y = 3 C) y = 4 D) y = 5 Correct Answer: B 4. Which of the following represents the distributive property in algebra? A) a(b + c) = ab + ac B) a(b - c) = ab + ac C) a(b + c) = ab - ac D) a(b - c) = ab - ac Correct Answer: A ________________________________________ Create 2 multiple-choice questions about Famous Authors for Advanced Literature: Context: The following questions relate to renowned authors and their works. 1. Who wrote the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird"? A) F. Scott Fitzgerald B) Harper Lee C) Mark Twain D) J.D. Salinger Correct Answer: B 2. Which author is known for the epic poem "Paradise Lost"? A) John Milton B) Geoffrey Chaucer C) William Shakespeare D) Homer Correct Answer: A
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