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Opportunity Mapping Guild

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The "Opportunity Mapping Guild" program teaches skills to identify emerging opportunities, evaluate risks and rewards, design tactical plans, and adapt to change through continuous learning. It's for entrepreneurs, leaders, and change makers who want to stay ahead of competitors and drive impact. The future belongs to those who can envision what's next and choose wisely today.
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Updated: 3 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
I want to build skills for perceiving opportunities, determining strategic next steps and gaining advantage through continuous adaptation. My goal is to develop abilities for spotting emerging possibilities, evaluating options, testing ideas and navigating uncertainty. I choose to shape the future by discovering what's next and taking action today. Teach me how to envision opportunities on the horizon and choose wisely in the present to drive impact.
Example output
Congratulations on enrolling in the Opportunity Mapping Guild! The ability to spot emerging opportunities and determine strategic action to capitalize on them allows shaping the future to your advantage. With practice perceiving possibilities and evaluating options, you gain judgment and intuition for navigating uncertainties through continuous learning and adaptation. Start by expanding your perspective to notice patterns that could signal new opportunities or industry shifts on the horizon. Look beyond typical planning cycles and competitors to see what's next. An enlarged view reveals possibilities others may miss. Record your observations to capture new insights. Once possibilities are spotted, evaluate potential risks, rewards and next steps to test them. Consider options for minimum viable actions that allow learning through experience at low cost or risk. Be willing to start small while possibilities are still emerging to gain real-world data and mid-course corrections. Adapt plans based on outcomes, not rigid schedules. Make choices in the present that position you well for the future you see coming into view. But also remain flexible - the future is hard to predict precisely. Balance vision with responsiveness by choosing wisely today yet adapting freely as needed. An agile yet strategic approach is key. Continuously scan for new signals of change and refine your opportunity maps based on insights gained taking action. What you learn from testing one possibility may reveal new options or shift your perspectives on other opportunities. Iteration and adjustment are constant needs. Over time, your skills for spotting and capitalizing on opportunities will strengthen through practice and experience. But remain humble - there are more possibilities at play than any individual can fully perceive. Seek other views and input to expand your understanding. Opportunity mapping relies on collective wisdom, not lone heroics. With dedication, you have potential for immense influence and impact through envisioning what's next and choosing well today. Now get started - fortunes await discovery by those willing to look for them. The future belongs to those able to navigate uncertainty through vision, judgment and action. Keep mapping - your opportunities start now! I'm here if you have questions or need guidance. You've got this!
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