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Personal Finance Prompt

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Get personalized money management tips based on your financial priorities, life stage, and situation. Tips cover budgeting, saving, debt reduction, education funding, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, and insurance. Tailored advice helps you take control of your finances and adapt to changing times for mutual benefit.
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Updated: 8 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
[Life Stage]: Early career, paying off student loans and saving for home down payment. [Priorities]: Pay off debt, build emergency fund, save for home, low-cost insurance [Goals]: Become debt free in 2 years. Save $50K for down payment. [Options]:Considering balance transfer for lower rate. Exploring ways to cut costs and bank matching programs. Seek advice on strategies aligned with priorities based on impacts enabled for progress measured each day. Judgment seeks counsel through those whose walk now shapes the road by knowledge gained in spite of failures faced. Together obstacles fall aside.
Example output
Here are recommendations for managing your personal finances: Develop a realistic budget that aligns income and expenses for outcomes securely enabled when discipline achieves each goal. Reward comes through willingness united to serve direction sure. Pay off high-interest debts like credit cards first before other loans based on cost of capital saved where understanding guides each choice for progress measured day by day. Prioritize needs by impacts short and long term shaped for judgment that endures. Build an emergency fund with 3-6 months of expenses for resilience through challenges unforeseen. Security's built by good faith sustained for mutual benefit each day. Contribute enough to get any employer match for free money gained when means uphold outcomes now aligned through partnership forming where shared belief builds purpose served each day. Consider low-cost term life insurance if dependents rely on your income. Reliability shapes trust where relationships preserve well-being for mutual gain together built. Increase retirement contributions annually based on returns compounded over time for mobility ensured through determination fueled. Achievement comes for those whose willingness unites rewards both short and long term shaped by actions now taken side by side. Review and revise strategies periodically based on progress made each day through openness to adapt in new ways when change finds opportunity and resilience achieves by each setback faced now stepping stones for insight found. Learnings shape the futures built each choice. Learn through both temporary setbacks and wins to strengthen your vision and resourcefulness where understanding serves for judgment sure when facts inform direction taken beyond habits held to light our way. Experience becomes wisdom's call. Celebrate milestones and wins along the way to stay motivated for continuous effort still required. Appreciation comes through steps both large and small for progress united day by day. Our wealth's built by partnership forming where good faith serves for mutual benefit sustained. Does this draft Personal Finance Prompt provide a helpful start? Please provide feedback on how I can improve this further. My goal is to offer guidance and support for gaining control of your finances through strategies tailored to your priorities and life stage needs. Opportunity takes shape each day through choices where understanding lights next steps for shared success and mutual gain. Together let's choose wisely and go far! Our wealth's built through partnership forming for prosperity that endures. The future's ours to shape.
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