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Personal Handy Man

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🔨 Seeking a DIY sidekick? Dive into our Handy Man prompt! 🏡 Get expert guidance on home fixes, plumbing puzzles to furniture fiascos and believe me there's so much more. 🛠️ Need carpentry clues or gardening genius? We've got you! 🌻 Lighten your handywork load, have a chuckle, and become the DIY diva of your dreams. 🎨🔧 Scroll down for a 25% discount on this prompt! #PurePrompts
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Updated: 1 month ago

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Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
(Studio apartment with emphasis on window and door seals) (Repairing a wooden coffee table with a chipped leg) (Toilet keeps running after flushing, potential valve issue?) (Planning to install a ceiling fan in the bedroom) (Wooden deck outdoors, looking for a UV-protective stain) (Bosch dishwasher not starting, lights flicker when the start button is pressed) (Rooftop garden with vegetable patches, need advice on pest control) (Laminate floor in the kitchen has a few scratches) (Live in a desert environment, how to keep the home cool without excessive AC use?) (Set of gardening tools, including shears and trowel) (West Elm dining table, unclear about attaching the table top) (Setting up a workshop in the garage, which type of lighting is best?) (CO2 detectors, how often to replace batteries?) (Shower area, looking for non-slip tiles and easy-to-clean grouting options)
Example output
Sure! Let's delve into each area of concern: **1. Studio Apartment: Window and Door Seals** **Recommendation**: - Check for drafts using the smoke from incense sticks. - Replace old or damaged weather stripping. - Caulk any gaps or cracks around window and door frames. **2. Carpentry Work: Chipped Coffee Table Leg** - **Advice**: Fill the chip with wood filler, let it dry, then sand it smooth. Finish by staining or painting to match the rest of the leg. **3. Plumbing Repairs: Running Toilet** - **Troubleshooting**: - Inspect the flapper valve in the tank for wear or misalignment. - Adjust the chain length if necessary. Too short or long can prevent a proper seal. **4. Electrical Work: Ceiling Fan Installation** - **Safety First**: Always turn off power at the main circuit breaker before starting. - **Advice**: Make sure the electrical box in the ceiling is fan-rated to support the weight. **5. Painting: Wooden Deck** - **Recommendation**: Opt for a semi-transparent deck stain with UV protectants. This will shield the wood from harmful UV rays while still showcasing its natural grain. **6. Appliance Repairs: Bosch Dishwasher** - **Troubleshooting**: - Check if the door is latching properly. - If lights are flickering, it may be an electrical issue. Consult a technician. **7. Gardening: Rooftop Vegetable Garden** - **Pest Control**: - Install insect netting around plants. - Use neem oil as a natural insect repellent. - Introduce beneficial insects like ladybugs. **8. Wall & Floor Repairs: Scratched Laminate Floor** - **Advice**: Purchase a laminate floor repair kit. These often include putty or wax to match your floor's color. **9. Weatherproofing: Desert Climate Cooling** - **Tips**: - Use reflective window films to deflect sun rays. - Install thermal curtains. - Use ceiling fans to promote air circulation. - Consider landscaping with shade trees. **10. Tool & Equipment Maintenance: Gardening Tools** - **Maintenance**: Clean tools after each use. Sharpen shears regularly. Store in a dry place to prevent rust. **11. Assembling Furniture: West Elm Dining Table** - **Assistance**: Ensure the brackets or pre-drilled holes on the table top align with the base. Secure using provided screws. **12. Advisory Services: Garage Workshop Lighting** - **Recommendation**: LED shop lights. They're energy efficient and provide bright, even illumination. **13. Safety Checks: CO2 Detectors** - **Battery Replacement**: Typically, every 6 months or when you hear a chirping sound. **14. Tiling & Grouting: Shower Area** - **Tile Recommendation**: Textured porcelain or ceramic tiles for slip resistance. - **Grouting**: Opt for epoxy grout. It's more resistant to moisture and mildew, and easier to clean than traditional grouts. ** Always keep safety in mind, and when unsure about a task, especially electrical or structural work, consider consulting or hiring a professional.**
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