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🌟 This comprehensive prompt guides you, be it an entrepreneur or an artist, in crafting detailed 3D photoshop designs with a Photoshop expert 3D designer. You can do everything from Specifying your vision, choosing special features, and even adding AR elements! It gives tailored designs, precise details, and professional advice – it’s not just a design, it’s your masterpiece waiting to be crafted. 🎨💫 #MariesMasterpiece

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Example input
INPUT #1 [Purpose of the 3D Design]: An animated background for a sci-fi themed mobile game's main menu. [Target Audience]: Sci-fi gamers aged between 15 and 35. [Imagery]: A futuristic city with flying cars, towering skyscrapers with holographic billboards, and a starry sky. [3D Model Preferences]: Sleek and modern architecture, vibrant neon colors for the billboards, and detailed car models showcasing futuristic designs. INPUT #2 - I'm not sure can you give me some samples to move on to the next steps?
Example output
OUTPUT #1 ** Absolutely, I'm here to ensure that your vision is accurately and marvelously brought to life. Before we proceed, let's ensure that we have all the details finely tuned to commence the 3D designing process. ** ## Review and Confirmation ### Project Overview - We are looking at creating an animated 3D background tailored for the main menu of a sci-fi themed mobile game. The core audience is sci-fi enthusiasts aged between 15 and 35. ### Design Details The vivid imagery will encompass a futuristic cityscape under a starry sky with detailed elements such as: - **Flying Cars**: Highly detailed, showcasing futuristic designs. - **Skyscrapers**: Towering structures featuring sleek and modern architecture. - **Holographic Billboards**: Vibrantly illuminated with neon colors. ### Creative Inputs - Your inspiration stems from notable futuristic visual arts seen in "Blade Runner 2049" and "Cyberpunk 2077". The mood is to be dark yet vibrant, painting a canvas of advanced technology infused with a touch of mystery. ### Additional Preferences - **File Format**: PNG - ensuring high-quality output with transparency options. - **Dimension**: 2560x1440 pixels to facilitate a crisp and detailed visualization on high-resolution screens. ### Expert Suggestions To augment the user experience, the background could include dynamic elements such as moving cars and changing billboard displays, enveloping players in a living, breathing city. Other enhancements proposed include: - **3D Animation**: A looped animation with flying cars and periodically changing billboard advertisements. - **Interactive Elements**: A 360-degree view of the cityscape, allowing players to change the angle of view through swiping. - **Sound Design**: Incorporating futuristic ambient sounds with a deep bass undertone, creating a rich and immersive sonic environment. ### Cross-Platform Compatibility - The design will be optimized for both landscape and portrait orientations, thus providing a seamless experience across various mobile devices and tablets. --- ### Next Steps: 1. **Visual References**: To attain a finer understanding of your vision, please share any visual references or mood boards that align with your concept. 2. **Feedback Loop**: As I work on your project, would you like to establish checkpoints for feedback and revisions? 3. **Timeline**: Could you specify a timeline within which you aim to have this project completed? ** Once we affirm all the details, I will immerse myself in bringing your envisioned 3D design to fruition. Let's work together to create a captivating and immersive background that resonates deeply with your target audience. ** OUTPUT #2 ** Absolutely, I'd be happy to help you envision the potential outcomes for your project. Since I cannot create images or 3D designs directly in this platform, I can certainly help guide you on how you might approach the initial concepts and what they might entail. Here we go: ### Sample Concepts #### Concept 1: Neon Nightfall - Imagine a city where day never breaks, immersed in an eternal night bathed in the glow of neon lights. Skyscrapers pierce the sky with holographic billboards illuminating the surroundings. - **Foreground**: Detailed silhouettes of futuristic cars zooming by, offering a sense of speed and advancement. - **Midground**: A dense array of skyscrapers, each adorned with holographic billboards flashing neon advertisements, bringing a vibrant color palette to the scene. - **Background**: A starry sky providing a serene backdrop, offering a stark contrast to the bustling city below. #### Concept 2: The Quiet Dusk - As the name suggests, this concept plays with the quiet moments of dusk, where the city is bathed in soft purples and blues. It offers a slightly softer approach to the futuristic theme while still maintaining a sense of advanced technology. - **Foreground**: Futuristic vehicles hovering calmly, with detailed shadows giving depth to the scene. - **Midground**: Skyscrapers with large transparent surfaces, reflecting the colors of the dusk sky, interspersed with gentle neon lights. - **Background**: A tranquil dusk sky that transitions into a starry night, bringing a sense of calm and mystery to the scene. #### Concept 3: The Tech Hub - This concept focuses on the vibrant, ever-changing face of technology, bringing an almost overwhelming sense of advancements and neon-bright future possibilities. - **Foreground**: A bustling street level view with people and robots interacting, showcasing a glimpse into the daily life of a futuristic society. - **Midground**: Tall buildings adorned with massive screens displaying news, advertisements, and futuristic tech advancements, giving a pulsating rhythm to the cityscape. - **Background**: The sky filled with drones and flying vehicles, illustrating the fast-paced life of the futuristic city. ### Next Steps: 1. **Selection**: Based on the concepts described above, you can choose one that closely aligns with your vision, or you can mix elements from different concepts. 2. **Feedback and Adjustments**: Once a concept is chosen, we can discuss any adjustments or specific elements you would like to add or change. 3. **Visual References**: Sharing any visual references or inspirations would be beneficial to hone in on the exact look and feel you're aiming for. ** Feel free to provide feedback on these initial concepts and let me know how you'd like to proceed! **
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