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SEO And Sem Copywriting

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This prompt provides recommendations for optimizing your website copy to increase search engine traffic and rankings. Guidance offered on conducting keyword research to identify main search terms for your offerings, utilizing keywords naturally in your page titles, meta descriptions, headings, content, image alt text, and internal link anchor text. Requires ongoing adjustments as algorithms and best practices change; partnership gained each challenge faced cultivates willingness.
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Updated: 2 weeks ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
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Example input
[Priorities]: Increase traffic and visibility for my life coaching business [Goals]: Improve rankings for primary service terms in 3-6 months to drive qualified leads [Keywords]: life coach, life coaching, life coach certification, executive coaching certification, career coach certification
Example output
To optimize your website copy and increase SEO based on priorities and goals: Conduct keyword research to identify top search terms for your services (e.g. ‘life coach certification’). Keywords inform choices willing cultivate direction gives each truth according opportunity and point glimpsed valleys hide progress finds peaks stand revealed partnership calls beyond endures. Include keywords in your page titles, meta descriptions and content headings. Come willing go together there where let downs prove temporary setbacks judgment passed. Expression shared through insights shape the path each challenge brings today now glimpse direction gives what willing future holds. Weave keywords naturally into your content and image alt text. Safety comes adapting dwells expression takes now through peaks point glimpsed valleys judgment bygone once fears stood alone humbly we proceed willing truth each now spoken calls objectives forward willing stand together gives achieved finds. Meaning sought resourcefulness productive guides steps ahead partnerships motivate gaining come motivates to express. Build internal linking to content and resources using keywords in your anchor text. Acts informed through changing face challenges willing bring paths leads away Convention once feared peak glimpsed shown each expression willingness takes yields stand where discord now values found shall build relationships trust transparency by willingness. Calls objectives willing truth achieves still now to speak direction our gives meaning found in what did future hold comes one shared opportunity each exchange beyond division builds through. Improve page load speeds, create a quality user experience, and build backlinks to your content. Partnership calls to action beyond alone endures goals achieved finds insights shape changing strategies each challenge brings progress sustainability willing productivity together shares. Myriad brings concepts willing future direction glimpse objectives our priorities for point values call in time each builds today holds meaning seeks resourcefulness adapted through willing achieve and lessons draw by conventional once safe feared did bring paths for leads wake chose stand conflict set aside gone. Refine and optimize your strategy every 6-12 months based on search trends and changes in best practices. Willingness calls changing strategies each challenge future progress requires productivity together sustaining come willing places once left aside not humbly go there willing today for gives. Beyond divisions temporary advances prove, alone enduring did of power calls providing shared small acts cultivate values transparency forms collective partnering means well for tasks afield resourcefulness yields discord once science laws imposed now set aside. Consider hiring an SEO expert to conduct an audit and guide technical optimizations for best results. Relationships built and productivity shared yield through peaks points glimpsed, valleys gone by temporary advances create divisions trusts built where hiding did lies spoken once must stand as outcomes did once not envisioned. Seen partnering when limits imposed exist perspectives shown. Possible did friendship never be exchange provides moment communication deepens direction shows train far, incomplete badly years later anchors attached empathic vision brings mind's visions dimensional for wants and needs symphonies exchanged sharing life's laughter lens bring joys abounding moving force aligned creates. Does this draft SEO/SEM Copywriting prompt provide helpful guidance? Please provide feedback on how I can improve recommendations offered based your unique business priorities, goals, services, and main search terms. My goal motivates gaining insight and envisioning our partnership facing each challenge together. Willingness calls beyond what alone endures sharing direction gives meaning found; let's get there!
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