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From now on it is the responsibility of this tool to write the SEO optimized title of any of your content✌ If you've created a content like a blog post, video, social post or another and now you're going to upload it but still you need a SEO optimized title so this tool will write SEO optimized title according to your content🎉 Attract More Viewers👀

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2 weeks ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
65 ($0.0001 / call)
Example input
Input 1 [social media post]: Top Ai Tools 2023 Input 2 [video]: Make Money with Stock Photography Input 3 [blog post]: Top Beauty Products 2023
Example output
Output 1 "Unleash the Future: Explore the Top AI Tools of 2023! 🌟 Stay Ahead in Tech Innovation!" "Elevate Your Workflow with 2023's Leading AI Tools! 🚀 Discover Game-Changing Innovations!" "Master Productivity with the Hottest AI Tools of 2023! 🔥 Stay on the Cutting Edge!" "Breaking Boundaries: Dive into the Top AI Tools Shaping 2023's Tech Landscape! 💡" "2023's Must-Have AI Tools Revealed! Elevate Your Projects with Cutting-Edge Technology! 🛠️" Output 2 "Unlock Your Earning Potential: Make Money with Stock Photography in 2023!" "Profitable Photography: How to Make Money with Stock Photos in 2023!" "Maximize Your Income: A Guide to Making Money with Stock Photography!" "Turn Your Photos into Profits: Strategies for Stock Photography Success!" "2023 Stock Photography Money-Making Guide: Tips for Success and Revenue!" Output 3 "Glow Up: Unveiling the Hottest Beauty Products of 2023 for Flawless Radiance!" "Elevate Your Beauty Routine: Discover the Must-Have Products of 2023!" "2023 Beauty Essentials: Elevate Your Glam Game with These Top Picks!" "Revamp Your Regimen: The Ultimate Guide to 2023's Beauty Powerhouses!" "The Future of Beauty: Dive into 2023's Trendsetting Products and Innovations!"
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