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Social Media Post Generator

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This prompt generates engaging and creative social media posts for various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It can be used by social media managers, content creators, and anyone who wants to enhance their online presence. With this prompt, you can save time and effort by generating multiple posts at once.
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Updated: 7 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
128 ($0.00380 / call)
Example input
[Topic/Keyword]: Music [Hashtag(s)]: #music #nowplaying [Engaging Statement]: Share your favorite music with us! [Call to Action]: Leave a comment with your top song choice.
Example output
Facebook Post: [Topic/Keyword]: Space Exploration [Question to Ask Audience]: Did you know that humans have only explored a tiny fraction of our galaxy? [Engaging Statement]: Discover the wonders of space exploration and learn about the incredible discoveries scientists have made over the years! [Call to Action]: Click the link to read more! Twitter Post: [Topic/Keyword]: Sustainable Fashion [Hashtag(s)]: #sustainability #fashion [Engaging Statement]: Join the sustainable fashion revolution and make a difference in the world! Learn how to create a stylish and eco-friendly wardrobe today. #sustainability #fashion [Call to Action]: Visit our website for tips and inspiration. Instagram Post: [Topic/Keyword]: Nature Photography [Engaging Statement]: Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature captured through the lens of a camera. 📷 [Hashtag(s)]: #naturephotography #photographylovers [Call to Action]: Follow us for more stunning photos!
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