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Styling Guide Personalized

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👑 Struggling with your style? 🤷‍♀️ Our AI-powered Styling Consultant is here to help! 👗💄 Simply input your preferences and let the AI craft a personalized style guide for you, organized by date or weekday! 🗓️🌟 Click now to start defining your style! 🎉✨ #StylingConsultant #FashionGuide #StyleMakeover #FashionRevolution #WardrobeTransformation #Fashionista #Trendsetter #PersonalStyle #OutfitPlanner #LookBook #FashionAI #DailyStyle #StylishLife #FashionForward #ElevateYourStyle
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Updated: 3 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
Gender: Female Duration for the styling guide: 2 weeks Upcoming occasions: Office meetings, Casual Fridays, Dinner date, Weekend outings Preferences in Hair style: Wavy, casual updos
Example output
Based on the information you've provided, here is a personalized 2-week styling guide for your upcoming occasions: **Monday - Office Meeting:** - _Outfit_: Choose a business casual outfit such as a black fitted blazer paired with a blue blouse and black tailored trousers from Zara or H&M. - _Shoes_: Black or navy heels. - _Hair_: Keep it professional and neat with a wavy low ponytail. - _Makeup_: Opt for a natural look. A subtle blush, light mascara, and a nude lip should work well. **Tuesday - Office:** - _Outfit_: A white button-down paired with a blue pencil skirt, perfect for a classic yet modern work look. - _Shoes_: Black heels to match the outfit. - _Hair_: Loose waves for an easy yet chic hairstyle. - _Makeup_: Maintain the natural makeup look from Monday. **Wednesday - Office:** - _Outfit_: Pair a chic black dress from H&M with a white blazer for a sleek and stylish look. - _Shoes_: Opt for your comfortable black heels. - _Hair_: Try a casual updo, like a messy bun. It's functional and stylish. - _Makeup_: As usual, keep it natural for work. **Thursday - Office + Dinner Date:** - _Outfit_: A blue dress from Zara that's both professional for the office and chic for a dinner date. - _Shoes_: Black heels will transition well from work to date night. - _Hair_: For your date, transform your daytime look into a loose, wavy style. - _Makeup_: Add a bold red lip for the evening, which complements your fair skin tone beautifully. **Friday - Casual Friday + Weekend Outing:** - _Outfit_: For a casual Friday look, opt for black high-waist jeans paired with a blue chic blouse. - _Shoes_: White sneakers for a comfortable yet stylish end to the work week. - _Hair_: Loose waves can be relaxed yet stylish for a casual day. - _Makeup_: Stick to the natural look but add a bit of a darker shade to your lips. **Weekend - Outings:** - _Outfit_: A white or blue Prada dress, depending on your outing location. It's a simple, stylish choice for special occasions or a fancy lunch. - _Shoes_: Opt for black or white sneakers for comfort and style. - _Hair_: Try a half updo with wavy locks for a playful weekend look. - _Makeup_: Maintain a natural look but feel free to experiment with a bolder lip color. Remember to accessorize with simple, elegant jewelry to complete your looks. This styling guide should keep you looking your best for every occasion in the next two weeks! Stay confident and shine in your carefully chosen outfits.
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