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Summarize Break Down A Large Text

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Takes a large body of text and breaks it down into the following format: <Title> --- # Summary <the summary of the document> --- # Main Points - An extracted list of main points # Action Items - An extracted list of action items # Follow-up Questions - An extracted list of follow-up questions # Potential Arguments Against the Transcript - An extracted list of counter arguments

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5 months ago

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Example input
Transcript: So we're kicking off this Google PDF dashboard that big. It does have some front-end components to it. There are two. I may have been one of the touch points on. The first one. So we have this new, I mean, we have a, I guess, yeah, a new schedule dashboard model, but it pretty much reuses a lot of what we set up in the schedule report model. We took it that when we were looking at this, we were like, okay, which part of this can we split out to be more shareable? I was chatting with Zach H about it. We think it just mostly be this recipient component on the left and then the rest on the right could be just the, excuse me, the new form input pattern. So I'm not too worried about this part, but I do have a ticket for trying to like, you know, bring this out of the schedule report app into something more shareable and generic. I'm not sure if that's a pattern or something else. Yeah. I'm curious as well. Yeah. I'm wondering maybe, I don't know, maybe it's a question also for Nicole is if like, do they see other future uses for like, you know, that sort of title, like ad box and like the list of added things underneath. I could see, I could potentially see that. Yeah. Or it could be one of those things where it shows up in these two, these two apps and we never see it again. Yeah. Yeah. Also from, I think the web team, to Joe was saying that they also wanted to reuse this recipient component as well. Oh, okay. I think it's on their roadmap too. I think we're getting to it first, like making more shareable, but yeah, definitely by at least two or three apps for sure. Yeah. I wonder if we could call it like sort of, you know, addable list or, you know, something of that nature, you know, sort of make it completely, completely generic. Like you can pass in sort of a, like a title and like an array of options and maybe even like, you know, an empty state image and like that kind of stuff as well. Yeah. Yeah. I could see that. Yeah. I guess I'm kind of fetch that happens when you like focus on the input here. Yeah. Right now we have that pulling from a graph trial request, but I could probably be customizable too. Yeah. One thing that worked really well with the, the pattern we did last week where you, you kind of did like that checkbox group, you kind of did like a really nice sort of first pass at like an includable thing. I feel like that worked really well because, you know, you building up this feature, you're kind of intimate with like what your, what your needs are as far as like the kind of props that would require. And then it works. I think it makes sense that we then kind of come in and dry it up and do a pattern and then come in and, you know, dry up the instances in your apps. Right. I guess so for this, maybe for this workflow, I mean, I just want to know, should this ticket be, you know, us getting started on this pattern or having a passing about to have eventually worked on and maybe if you just kind of duplicate it for now. Any thoughts on that? Is so there is currently a recipients component, right. For the previous UI that you've done. Yeah. Yeah. All right. So the, yeah, this only is like just core patterns. Yeah. It might be nice to eventually just show all of the different apps that we're using. Yeah. Yeah, it's pretty crazy. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. If you feel like it is in a good state to be abstracted out, then I don't mind us creating a quick ticket to, to pull it out into patterns. You know, moving, moving the tests out, getting, giving it its own storybook and patterns that, that kind of thing. If as long as it's not blocking, you're getting started on this. Are you ready to start on this? Like, you know, tomorrow, or is this like still a couple of days out? Is this in the current sprint? It just got moved on deck like yesterday as an option. I'm kind of like treating it maybe as like, like, like, we just kind of want to figure out what we're doing here. I will probably want to dig in a little bit more just to see. Especially like with the testing of the data, like how that might look if that were to be more generalized. But that'd be a tricky part of moving this to a pattern. Yeah, I would think if we were moving it to a pattern as far as like the data stuff goes, it'd be more like, you know, having sort of, you know, callbacks for handling, like you can pass in, you know, keeping it generic so that you're like sort of passing in the, I guess, would you be passing in? Yeah, I think what I want to avoid is like actually trying to like, you know, execute GraphQL queries within patterns. Yeah, definitely not. Definitely not going to do that. Yeah, so I'm just trying to think of the best way to like say, you know, create a way for you to keep the redundancy out of things like that. If it just accepts like, yeah, I'm not sure. It's also possible we might just be able to pass it in like the list of options after it fetches. Because now I think about it, I'm not sure. I think it's like, like you can search within it too, but I think it's a search within all the results that were passed in. Yeah. So that could work too actually. That would be good. My sort of like instinct is telling me, and feel free to disagree with this, but it might not be a bad idea for you to sort of like duplicate the recipient's component into this new feature. And then, you know, maybe during that implementation, you discover some needs, some new things that maybe that component needs to do. And then that would maybe give me a better baseline to come in and like dry those two instances up with a pattern. How does that sound? Yeah, I think that's a good compromise and gets us going on the feature work quicker. So yeah, we're all down for that. Cool. Yeah, I think we're a little full up this week. Probably wouldn't be till next Monday or Tuesday before we could start on it. And I wouldn't want to block you guys in the meantime. Yeah, and I think having some duplication out there for a few days is not a big deal. Yeah. Cool. I think that's all I wanted to put that one. I think one other quick thing. I'm missing these Miro boards. These. Yeah, these really like, you know, are helpful. I miss these 10 Miro boards. Yeah. What a great way to like sort of figure out all the like units of work. There's nothing quite like it. Yeah. Takes a lot of work, but I think it's worth it. Yeah. Yeah. The only other thing, and this is not on deck, probably won't be on deck for one, two weeks. But we do have maybe a new addition to the model story. And I've talked to Nicole about this. I'm getting back and forth. But it's kind of like a left. Left button. Yeah. It would pop up. Well, for us, at least it was going to pop up like a model within a model, which we also had a lot of back and forth about. Yeah, we go with that. Yeah, this will preview that. That raises any red flags. Let me take a screenshot of the left side model. We actually we've got some tickets going on about the model pattern updates. And I can kind of add that feature or that change to to that ticket just to kind of add that left side button left side buttons or the side buttons. Yeah. Cool. When I erroneously sent you yesterday. Like, what is this? Totally wrong. Cool. Yeah, it was. Let's get. Yeah, thank you for that. Go ahead. That's really helpful. Are you getting designs straight from Nicole or do you have sort of a team design? Yeah, this project is from Nicole. Sigma Sigma dot for this, if you want to that link, I can show that to you. Sigma Sigma dot and then I'll put the mirror for it to. Oh, thank you. Oh, let me have to. Oh, looks like I can get to it. OK, cool. Already got to help Christina with some system tests, but OK. Awesome. Yeah, thanks. Thanks, Alex. Good to talk to you. Yeah. Mike, how you doing? Fantastic. Sweet. A little warmer today. Is it what's the temperature up by you? Fifty. OK. And it's like one of those days where it's warmer than yesterday, so, you know, the sun's nice. Feels a little warmer than we think. Yeah, we got 53 and scattered showers here today. Kind of kind of gray, but I don't mind it. Cool. Day going OK? It's going very well, actually. Nice. How about you? Yeah. Busy. Little on call things, but nothing, nothing nuts. All the right kind of stuff. Cool.
Example output
Trident Dashboard Development ## Summary The team discusses the development of a new schedule dashboard model and a recipient component that could be reused in multiple apps. They consider making the component more generic and shareable, and discuss potential issues with data testing and GraphQL queries. They also mention missing Miro boards and a potential addition to the model story. ## Main Points - Development of a new schedule dashboard model and recipient component - Component could be made more generic and shareable - Potential issues with data testing and GraphQL queries - Missing Miro boards - Potential addition to the modal story ## Action Items - Duplicate the recipient's component into the new feature and discover any new needs - Add the left side button feature to the modal pattern updates ticket - Get designs from Nicole for the project ## Follow Up Questions - What are the potential future uses for the recipient component? - How can data testing and GraphQL queries be handled when making the component more generic? - What is the timeline for starting on the new feature? - Who will be working on the modal pattern updates ticket? ## Potential Arguments Against - The recipient component may not be easily made more generic and shareable - Adding the left side button feature to the modal story may cause issues with the current design - The team may not have enough resources to work on all the discussed projects simultaneously
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