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📣 Want to make your business boom on TikTok? ➡️Our state-of-the-art AI becomes your personal scriptwriter, creating captivating TikTok video scripts tailored to your business! ➡️ Just provide your business details, desired message, and target audience, and receive a trendy, engaging TikTok script. ➡️ Perfect for product promotion, brand storytelling, or just connecting with your customers in a fun and relatable way! ✅Go viral, boost your brand, and skyrocket your sales with the TikTok

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1 week ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
93 ($0.0028 / call)
Example input
[Business Name]: Happy Paws Pet Store [Message]: Introducing our new range of organic pet food [Target Audience]: Pet owners who value natural, healthy products.
Example output
[INTRO - 0:00 - 0:03] [Opening shot: A cute dog with bright eyes and a wagging tail enters the frame] Voiceover (Cheerful and Exciting): 🎙️ Hey there, pet lovers! We've got something PAW-sitively amazing to share with you today! [Transition - 0:03 - 0:05] [Quick cut to the Happy Paws Pet Store logo] [Scene 1 - 0:06 - 0:10] [Showcase a shelf filled with colorful bags of organic pet food] Voiceover (Enthusiastic): 🎙️ Introducing our NEW range of organic pet food that's packed with love, health, and happiness! [Scene 2 - 0:11 - 0:15] [Zoom in on a happy dog owner pouring the organic food into their dog's bowl] Voiceover (Warm and Inviting): 🎙️ For pet owners who believe in the power of nature and want only the best for their furry friends... [Transition - 0:16 - 0:19] [Quick cut to a smiling cat lounging by a sunny window] [Scene 3 - 0:20 - 0:24] [Show a variety of pets happily enjoying the organic food - dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.] Voiceover (Joyful): 🎙️ ...our organic pet food is like a burst of sunshine for their taste buds! [Scene 4 - 0:25 - 0:29] [Display a close-up of a Happy Paws employee handpicking fresh, organic ingredients] Voiceover (Trustworthy): 🎙️ We handpick only the finest, organic ingredients because your pets deserve nothing less! [Transition - 0:30 - 0:33] [Quick cut to a playful dog running through a field] [Scene 5 - 0:34 - 0:38] [Showcase the variety of organic pet food options on display] Voiceover (Exciting): 🎙️ From grain-free kibble to mouthwatering treats, we've got it all! [Scene 6 - 0:39 - 0:43] [Highlight the eco-friendly packaging and emphasize the "organic" and "natural" labels] Voiceover (Conscious): 🎙️ And guess what? Our commitment to nature extends to our packaging too! [Transition - 0:44 - 0:47] [Quick cut to a happy cat cuddling with its owner] [Scene 7 - 0:48 - 0:52] [Show testimonials from satisfied pet owners] Voiceover (Heartfelt): 🎙️ But don't just take our word for it. Listen to what these Happy Paws families have to say! [Scene 8 - 0:53 - 0:57] [Show the Happy Paws logo and social media icons, encouraging viewers to follow] Voiceover (Engaging): 🎙️ Join the Happy Paws family today! Follow us for more pet-loving goodness! [OUTRO - 0:58 - 1:00] [End with a heartwarming shot of various pets happily eating the organic food] Voiceover (Passionate): 🎙️ Happy Paws Pet Store – where happiness meets health, one pet at a time! 🐾 [Background Music: Upbeat and cheerful tune] [End with a call-to-action text: "Visit us in-store or click the link in bio to shop now!"] [Closing shot: The Happy Paws logo with a "Shop Now" button] [End with a fade out, leaving the viewers excited to try the new organic pet food from Happy Paws Pet Store!]
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