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🎬 Ready to skyrocket your YouTube ad success? ➡️Our cutting-edge AI generates captivating scripts tailored to your product or service! ✅Just fill in the blanks, and watch your conversions soar!

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1 week ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
81 ($0.0024 / call)
Example input
[Product/Service]: Deluxe Fitness Supplements [Audience]: Fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers
Example output
[Scene opens with a bustling gym filled with motivated fitness enthusiasts. Upbeat music plays in the background.] Narrator (V.O.): Are you tired of the same old supplements that promise the world but deliver... well, nothing? [Cut to a frustrated gym-goer shaking an empty bottle of a generic supplement.] Gym-goer: Seriously, I need results! [Camera zooms in on a Deluxe Fitness Supplements bottle being picked up by a smiling fitness trainer.] Narrator (V.O.): Meet Deluxe Fitness Supplements – the game-changer you've been waiting for! [Quick montage of athletes achieving their fitness goals, from lifting weights to crushing cardio.] Narrator (V.O.): We're not here to play games. We're here to WIN. [Cut to a funny scene of someone trying to lift a ridiculously oversized dumbbell but failing comically.] Narrator (V.O.): (Chuckling) Okay, maybe we're here to have a little fun too. [Show Deluxe Fitness Supplements products lined up, looking sleek and premium.] Narrator (V.O.): With Deluxe Fitness Supplements, you get the edge you need – scientifically crafted, premium quality, and packed with results! [Close-up of the Deluxe Fitness Supplements logo.] Narrator (V.O.): Join the movement. Elevate your fitness journey with Deluxe Fitness Supplements! [Cut to a fit and confident athlete, flexing with pride.] Athlete: I trust Deluxe, and you should too! [Text on screen: "Ready to upgrade your fitness game?"] Narrator (V.O.): Ready to upgrade your fitness game? [Text on screen: "Visit"] Narrator (V.O.): Visit now and discover what winning really feels like! [Screen fades to black with the Deluxe Fitness Supplements logo and website URL.] Narrator (V.O.): Deluxe Fitness Supplements – Fuel Your Victory! [End with a dynamic jingle and the call-to-action displayed prominently on the screen.]
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