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Image credit: @icihgard

Watermark Editor

April 12th, 2023

Today we are launching a new watermark editor for image prompt creators.

This short blog post will explain what it's for, and how to use it.

Why watermarks

CLIP interrogators like Midjourney's /describe have existed for a while now as a means to try and determine the text prompt used to describe an image.

They are often inaccurate, and are not able to determine the prompt used to generate an image, but they do provide a good steer on how to begin crafting a prompt.

If you're selling your prompts, this might not be in your best interest! As an AI artist, spending hours crafting prompts, you are perfectly entitled to keep the secret sauce of your prompts underwraps.

To address this, we are letting image prompt creators on PromptBase add a layer of protection to their images via a new watermark editor.

How to use

Using the watermark editor is very simple. If you have an image prompt, go to your account page, click on any image prompt, then click the Watermark tab at the top of the page.

Image credit: @sjjdesign

There are currently two watermark options to choose from: "Puzzle" and "Text". You can define the style, size, and strength of each watermark to whatever specification you like.

The Puzzle watermark adds a light jigsaw puzzle effect to images that confuses image-to-prompt generators.

Puzzle watermark demo

The Text watermark lets you add your own custom text watermark. This feature is currently in Beta. We plan to monitor its usage over the next month, and may remove it if it causes the quality and feel of PromptBase to degrade, or if it gets misused.

You can apply your watermark to individual prompts, or across all existing and future prompts.


We have decided to let users customise their own watermarks to present images however they like. You are in control!

If you want lots of protection, you can make watermarks big and bold.

If you know there is zero chance of an image-to-prompt generator getting anywhere near your prompt's wording, or simply aren't concerned, you can choose to add no watermark at all.

Other changes

Removing 3D Galleries: We are rolling back the 3D image galleries launched last week. Whilst they look fancy, and provide some protection - we believe 2D galleries present images much more cleanly to buyers. However, if there is demand for them to return we may give users the option to choose between 2D or 3D.

HQ Images: Prompt purchases now include the original HQ raw image files you upload with no watermarks, instead of the compressed web-optimised versions hosted on PromptBase. This means you are now essentially selling both the prompt and images!

Watermark Disclaimers: On all store pages, if you have a watermark on your image, we will add a note beneath each gallery clearly stating that a watermark has been added, so as not to confuse buyers.


We see watermarking as an exciting new area of research at PromptBase, for both traditional and AI artists, to provide a level of image protection whilst still making images visually appealing. We have already begun research into even more advanced and invisible watermarking techniques.

Whilst we appreciate this is entering into a potentially losing arms race, and with a bit of effort watermarks can be circumvented, we feel this is step #1 in the right direction.

Ultimately, prompts on PromptBase are not really prompts, they are templates combined with mini guides, produced by talented users who provide amazing support, so we are not concerned about these developments! Tools like /describe should push even further the quality, limits, and variety of image prompts that can be produced.

If you have any feedback or thoughts on these changes, please get in touch using the email on our contact page.