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Keyword Clusters, Quotes, and Blog Titles Galore!! This prompt will give you all you need. Create A markdown table with a keyword list for an SEO content strategy plan along with super categories and subcategories for each keyword cluster. A quote, SEO optimized blog post titles, long-tail keywords, H2 headings and H3 headings! You will be amazed!
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
Token size
136 ($0.00270 / call)
Example input
Example output
Here is the information requested for the keyword "micro-cation": Keyword list in a markdown table: Super Category Subcategory Keyword Travel Trends Definition Micro-cation Types Staycation, Day Trip, Quick Getaway Benefits Cost Savings Budget-friendly travel, Affordable vacation Convenience Easy travel, Close to home Relaxation Stress-free vacation, Recharge Popular Destinations Nature National Parks, Beach destinations Culture City breaks, Museums, Historic sites Adventure Outdoor activities, Thrilling experiences Planning Preparation Packing, Itinerary planning Accommodation Hotels, Airbnb, Camping Transportation Driving, Public transportation, Flying Local Experience Food, Culture, Activities Challenges Safety Pandemic travel, Health and safety Sustainability Eco-friendly travel, Carbon footprint A quote: "The beauty of a micro-cation is that it allows us to escape our daily routine and experience something new, without breaking the bank or taking too much time off work." - Unknown Three SEO optimized blog post titles: "Discover the Benefits of Taking a Micro-cation: Why You Need One Now!" "Plan the Perfect Micro-cation: 7 Expert Tips for a Successful Trip" "Top Destinations for Your Next Micro-cation: Nature, Culture, and Adventure Await!" Five long-tail keywords: Micro-cation ideas Micro-cation destinations near me Best micro-cations in the US Budget-friendly micro-cations Micro-cation tips Seven H2 headings and 21 H3 headings: H2 Headings: What is a Micro-cation and Why Should You Take One? The Benefits of Micro-cations: Cost Savings, Convenience, and Relaxation Popular Micro-cation Destinations: Nature, Culture, and Adventure Planning Your Micro-cation: Preparation, Accommodation, and Transportation Local Experience: Immersing Yourself in the Culture of Your Destination Challenges of Micro-cations: Safety and Sustainability Conclusion: Why Micro-cations are the Future of Travel H3 Headings: What is a Micro-cation and Why is it Popular? Cost Savings: How Micro-cations Help You Stay Within Budget Convenience: Traveling Close to Home and Taking Short Trips Relaxation: Recharging and Escaping the Daily Routine Nature: Discovering National Parks and Beautiful Beaches Culture: Exploring City Breaks and Historic Sites Adventure: Outdoor Activities and Thrilling Experiences Preparation: Packing and Planning Your Itinerary Accommodation: Hotels, Airbnb, and Camping Options Transportation: Driving, Public Transportation, and Flying Local Experience: Food, Culture, and Activities Safety: Dealing with the Pandemic and Other Health Concerns Sustainability: Eco-friendly Travel and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint How to Plan Your Perfect Micro-cation Tips for Budget-friendly Micro-cations Micro-cation Destinations Near
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