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Ai Powered To Do And Task Management

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Supercharge your TO DO list with this prompt in ChatGPT! This is a prompt I myself use daily, and now you can use it too. Let ChatGPT prioritize and segment your tasks, optimized for ease of use! This prompt will take your tasks, and prioritize them based on proven principles. This prompt: - Utilizes prompting techniques for higher accuracy. - Build to work well with ChatGPT 3.5! - Uses formatting for ease of use.
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Updated: 1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
424 ($0.00080 / call)
Example input
Update your resume Create a budget Complete a work project Plan a dinner party Donate clothes to a charity Take the car for an oil change Renew a library book Buy a birthday gift for a friend Attend a networking event
Example output
### Urgent, Important: 1. Schedule a doctor's appointment 2. Respond to emails ### Not Urgent, Important: 1. Organize files and documents 2. Research new software options for a project 3. Go for a run ### Urgent, Not Important: 1. Respond to the promotional email with temporary add for some toys ### Not Urgent, Not Important: 1. Attend a friend's party 2. Clean the house ### Finished tasks: empty ### Changes Task changed: Respond to the promotional email with temporary add for some toys Where it is placed: Urgent, Not Important Why it is placed there: Although this task has a deadline, it does not directly contribute to the user's long-term goals, making it not as important.
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