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Automated Digital Products Selling

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This prompt equips you to sell a digital product from 0, utilizing top 1% entrepreneur strategies. You get: ✅Automated Product Development (Design, Branding, Competitor Advantages, Price Plans) ✅Persuasive Landing Page ✅Complete Sales Ads Management (Facebook, Google, TikTok, Pinterest) ✅Free Product Promotion (TikTok Organic Content) ✅Optimized 7-Day Content Plan (Easy, Unlimited Ideas) +Digital Product Creation Prompts (Ebook, Course, Digital Assets +more) +1 Free Custom Prompt Request
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2 months ago

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Example input
[your product idea]: Coloring Pages
Example output
**Phase 1: Product Creation** **a. Product Design** - **Idea**: Create a diverse collection of high-quality, printable coloring pages for children and adults. Include various themes such as animals, mandalas, famous landmarks, seasonal holidays, and motivational quotes. - **Format**: Digital downloads (PDF format) accessible immediately after purchase. Offer bundles and subscription options for monthly new releases. **b. Branding** - **Name**: "Color Bliss Pages" - **Logo Idea**: A colorful, playful logo featuring a palette and paintbrush, intertwined with a mandala design. - **Core Value Proposition**: "Bring joy and creativity to every day with our curated collection of printable coloring pages." **c. Target Audience** - Children (ages 4-12) and their parents - Adults who enjoy coloring as a hobby or stress-relief activity - Teachers and educators looking for classroom resources - Art therapy practitioners **d. Advantages Over Competitors** - High-quality, detailed designs that cater to various skill levels - Regular updates with new themes and seasonal designs - Affordable subscription model providing continuous new content - Educational and therapeutic benefits highlighted - Easy access and instant download **e. Concept** - **Monthly Subscription**: Subscribers receive a bundle of 30 new coloring pages every month. - **One-time Purchase**: Themed bundles available for immediate download. - **Free Samples**: A few free pages to download upon signing up for the newsletter, encouraging potential customers to experience the product before purchasing. **f. Price Estimation** - **One-time Purchase**: $5 per bundle of 30 pages - **Monthly Subscription**: $10 per month, providing access to the latest bundle of 30 pages **Phase 2: Persuasive Description** **Landing Page Structure** **A. Compelling Headline** "Unlock Your Creativity with Color Bliss Pages Today!" **B. Sub-headline** "Discover a world of relaxation and creativity with our premium printable coloring pages, designed for both kids and adults." **C. Desired Outcome Story** Imagine unwinding after a long day, letting your creativity flow freely as you bring beautiful designs to life with color. Our carefully curated coloring pages offer not just a creative outlet but also a path to mindfulness and relaxation. With themes ranging from intricate mandalas to adorable animals, there’s something for everyone in the family. Transform your quiet moments into a colorful adventure! **D. Social Proof** "I love Color Bliss Pages! The designs are so intricate and relaxing. Perfect for unwinding after work." - Emily R. "My kids can't get enough of these coloring pages. The variety keeps them entertained for hours!" - Sarah T. "As an art therapist, these pages are invaluable for my sessions. Highly recommended!" - Dr. John M. **E. Strong Copywriting** Are you tired of the mundane and looking for a way to inject some creativity into your life? Whether you're an adult seeking stress relief or a parent looking for a fun activity for your kids, our coloring pages are the perfect solution. Each page is meticulously designed to provide both relaxation and a sense of accomplishment. With Color Bliss Pages, you get instant access to a wide variety of themes that cater to all tastes and skill levels. **F. Key Benefits** - ✅ Instant access to high-quality printable coloring pages - ✅ New designs released every month - ✅ Suitable for both kids and adults - ✅ Perfect for relaxation and stress relief - ✅ Affordable pricing options **G. Call to Action Text for Buttons** "Get Started Now" | "Subscribe Today" | "Download Free Sample" **H. FAQ Section** **Frequently Asked Questions** **What do I get with a monthly subscription?** With a monthly subscription, you receive a bundle of 30 new, exclusive coloring pages each month, delivered straight to your email. **Can I purchase individual bundles?** Yes, we offer themed bundles for one-time purchase. Each bundle contains 30 pages and is available for instant download. **Are the coloring pages suitable for children?** Absolutely! We have a variety of designs that cater to different age groups and skill levels. **How do I access my coloring pages after purchase?** After completing your purchase, you will receive an email with a download link for your coloring pages. Simply click the link and start coloring! **Can I use these coloring pages in my classroom?** Yes, our coloring pages are perfect for educational use. Teachers and educators are welcome to use them as classroom resources. **Phase 3: Converting Ads** **1. Facebook Ads** **a. Image Variation** - **USP**: "Discover the Joy of Coloring!" - **Short Story**: "Remember the simple joy of coloring as a child? Reclaim that happiness with Color Bliss Pages. Perfect for all ages!" - **Benefit Bullet Points**: - High-quality, detailed designs - New pages every month - Instant access - **CTA**: "Download Now" **b. Video Variation** **Video Ad Script** *(Scene: A cozy living room with a table covered in coloring supplies. A person starts coloring a page.)* **Narrator**: "Feeling stressed? Need a creative outlet? Introducing Color Bliss Pages, your go-to source for premium printable coloring pages." *(Scene: Close-up of intricate designs being colored.)* **Narrator**: "With high-quality designs updated every month, there's always something new to discover." *(Scene: Kids happily coloring animal-themed pages.)* **Narrator**: "Perfect for kids and adults, our pages provide hours of entertainment and relaxation." *(Scene: A person downloading the pages on their tablet.)* **Narrator**: "Get instant access and start your coloring journey today with Color Bliss Pages." **Text on Screen**: "Subscribe now for just $10/month. Download a free sample!" **Call to Action Button**: "Learn More" **Ad Primary Text**: "Unlock endless creativity and relaxation with Color Bliss Pages. Enjoy new, high-quality designs every month!" **Ad Headline**: "Color Bliss Pages" **Ad Call to Action Button**: "Subscribe Now" **2. Google Ads** - **Headlines**: 1. "Instant Access to Coloring Fun" 2. "Relax with Premium Coloring Pages" 3. "Monthly New Designs for All Ages" 4. "High-Quality Printable Pages" 5. "Subscribe Today for Fresh Content" - **Descriptions**: 1. "Enjoy high-quality, detailed coloring pages. New designs monthly. Subscribe now!" 2. "Printable pages for kids and adults. Instant access. Affordable bundles." 3. "Relax and unwind with our curated coloring pages. Download and start coloring!" 4. "Monthly subscription for fresh coloring pages. Perfect for all ages." 5. "Get high-quality printable coloring pages. New themes every month. Subscribe today!" - **Site Links**: 1. **Free Samples** - "Download Free Pages" - "Try before you buy with our free sample pages." 2. **Monthly Subscription** - "Subscribe Now" - "Get 30 new pages every month for just $10." 3. **One-Time Bundles** - "Shop Bundles" - "Explore our themed bundles. Instant download available." **3. TikTok Ads** **TikTok Ad Script** *(Paragraph tone: Excited and engaging)* **Narrator**: "Hey, color lovers! 🌈 Are you looking for a new way to relax and unwind?" *(Scene: Quick clips of different coloring pages being filled with color.)* **Narrator**: "Introducing Color Bliss Pages, the ultimate collection of printable coloring pages for all ages!" *(Paragraph tone: Warm and inviting)* **Narrator**: "Whether you're a kid or just a kid at heart, our high-quality designs will bring joy to your day." *(Scene: Happy kids and adults showing off their completed pages.)* **Narrator**: "Subscribe now and get 30 new pages every month. Or try our themed bundles for an instant creative boost!" *(Paragraph tone: Excited and encouraging)* **Narrator**: "Tap the link and start your coloring adventure today! 🎨" **Call to Action Button**: "Download Now" **4. Pinterest Ads** - **USP**: "Unleash your creativity with high-quality printable coloring pages. Perfect for all ages!" - **Benefit**: "New designs every month. Instant access and affordable pricing. Try Color Bliss Pages today!" **5. Twitter Ads** - **USP**: "Discover the joy of coloring with Color Bliss Pages!" - **Story**: "Remember the simple joy of coloring as a child? Reclaim that happiness with our premium printable pages. Perfect for all ages!" - **Benefit Bullet Points**: - High-quality designs - New pages monthly - Instant access - **CTA**: "Subscribe today and start your coloring journey!" **6. Ad Sets** - **Target Audience**: - **Ad Set 1**: Parents (ages 25-40), primarily women, USA - **Interest**: Parenting magazines - **Ad Set 2**: Adults (ages 18-35), mixed gender, USA - **Interest**: Stress relief and mindfulness - **Ad Set 3**: Educators (ages 30-50), primarily women, USA - **Interest**: Educational resources - **Time Period**: Continuous with budget adjustments based on performance. - **Ad Budget**: Start at $10/day per ad set. - **Optimal Ad Duration**: 14 days, with review and adjustment after the first week. - **Optimized Suggestion**: Increase budget on weekends and during holidays. If performance is low, test different creatives and audiences, and consider offering limited-time discounts. **Phase 4: Organic Content** **1. a. TikTok Video Script** **Start with a Question** "Are you looking for a fun and relaxing way to unwind?" **Use a Surprising Statement** "Did you know coloring can reduce stress and boost creativity?" **Make it Personal** "I used to feel so stressed out until I discovered the magic of coloring. Now, it's my favorite way to relax." **Use Humor** "Who knew that staying inside the lines could be so satisfying?" **Use a Cliffhanger** "Want to know my secret to daily relaxation? Stick around to find out!" **Body** "Color Bliss Pages offers a huge variety of printable coloring pages perfect for all ages. From intricate mandalas to cute animals, there's something for everyone. And the best part? You get new designs every month!" **End** "Ready to start your coloring journey? Check out Color Bliss Pages and download a free sample today!" **1. b. TikTok Carousel Post** **Slide 1**: - **Text**: "Looking for a new way to relax?" - **Image Suggestion**: A peaceful scene with coloring supplies spread out. **Slide 2**: - **Text**: "Discover the magic of coloring!" - **Image Suggestion**: Close-up of someone coloring an intricate design. **Slide 3**: - **Text**: "High-quality designs for all ages." - **Image Suggestion**: Examples of different coloring pages (mandalas, animals, quotes). **Slide 4**: - **Text**: "New pages every month!" - **Image Suggestion**: Calendar showing new releases. **Slide 5**: - **Text**: "Start your coloring journey today." - **Image Suggestion**: Logo of Color Bliss Pages with a call to action. **1. c. 7-Day Post Content Plan** **Day 1: Carousel Post** - **Topic**: Introduction to Color Bliss Pages - **Content**: Highlight different themes available. **Day 2: Video Post** - **Topic**: Benefits of Coloring for Stress Relief - **Content**: Share statistics and personal anecdotes. **Day 3: Carousel Post** - **Topic**: Free Sample Pages - **Content**: Showcase free pages available for download. **Day 4: Video Post** - **Topic**: Coloring Tips and Tricks - **Content**: Demonstrate shading techniques, color combinations. **Day 5: Carousel Post** - **Topic**: Subscriber Testimonials - **Content**: Highlight positive feedback from users. **Day 6: Video Post** - **Topic**: Behind the Scenes - **Content**: Show the design process of a new coloring page. **Day 7: Carousel Post** - **Topic**: Monthly Subscription Benefits - **Content**: Detail the advantages of subscribing, with a call to action. This comprehensive strategy covers all aspects of creating, marketing, and promoting your digital product, ensuring a strong online presence and engagement with your target audience.
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