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Become A Master Poet

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🎉 Introducing the "Become a Master Poet" Prompt 📝 Create professional-grade poems in minutes with insightful questions that guide you to the perfect rhyme scheme, meter, and tone. 🤩 Perfect for both seasoned poets and beginners, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to unleash your creativity! 🌟 Try it today and become a true master poet! 🎓📚✍️
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Updated: 3 months ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
Token size
144 ($0.00290 / call)
Example input
Unf*ck you life From despair to happiness growing and learning You can choose the style iambic pentameter
Example output
Here is your personalized poem, "Unf*ck Your Life": From depths of darkness, you can break free, And chart a course to find your destiny. Unf*ck your life, shake off the chains, And embrace the challenges life contains. No more wallowing in self-pity and sorrow, For each new day brings a brighter tomorrow. With strength and willpower, you can soar, And find the happiness you longed for. Life is a journey, filled with ups and downs, But every stumble helps you gain new grounds. So take a step forward, and don't look back, For the future is bright, and you're on the right track. Through every trial, you'll grow and learn, And find the strength to make your dreams burn. Unf*ck your life, and let it shine, With hope and love, you'll be just fine. This poem is written in iambic pentameter, a classic meter used in many traditional poems. The tone is motivational and uplifting, encouraging the reader to take charge of their life and move from despair to happiness. The writing style is free verse, allowing for a natural flow and rhythm to the words. The category of the poem is self-improvement, aimed at inspiring the reader to take action and make positive changes in their life.
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