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Bedtime Story Generator

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🌙✨ "Discover enchanting bedtime stories! Our prompt creates custom tales for kids filled with magic and talking animals. Transport them to a world of wonder, teaching valuable life lessons. 📚🐇🌟"
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3 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
77 ($0.0023 / call)
Example input
[child's name]: Emily [child's age]: 5 [boy/girl]: girl [favorite activity/toy]: stuffed teddy bear [fantasy element]: flying unicorns [number]: 3 [life lesson]: the importance of kindness and sharing
Example output
Once upon a time, in a magical world of flying unicorns, there lived a little girl named Emily. She was 5 years old and had a special friend, her stuffed teddy bear, named Teddy. Emily and Teddy were inseparable. They did everything together, from having tea parties to exploring their enchanted surroundings. One sunny morning, as Emily and Teddy were playing near a sparkling stream, they heard a soft rustling in the bushes. Out popped a wise old owl named Oliver, a chatty squirrel named Sammy, and a friendly rabbit named Rosie. These talking animals were curious about the adventures Emily and Teddy shared. Emily greeted them with a warm smile and invited them to join in their fun. Together, they embarked on a magical journey through the sky on the backs of flying unicorns. They soared high above the clouds, and the world below seemed like a beautiful dream. As they floated among the clouds, Emily noticed something special. Her teddy bear, Teddy, was feeling a little sad because he couldn't fly like the others. Emily understood that everyone should be included and have a chance to join in the fun. She decided to share her unicorn with Teddy, and with a sprinkle of unicorn magic, Teddy began to fly too. The animals were touched by Emily's kindness and her willingness to share. They realized the importance of being kind and inclusive, just like Emily. With newfound joy, they continued their skyward adventure, laughing and playing together. As the day turned into evening, it was time to return to their homes. Emily, Teddy, Oliver, Sammy, and Rosie landed safely, their hearts full of happiness and friendship. They had learned that sharing and kindness can make any adventure even more magical. Emily cuddled with Teddy that night, knowing that she had made her special friend's day just a little brighter. And as the stars twinkled in the sky, she fell asleep with a heart filled with warmth, dreaming of more adventures with her newfound friends and her beloved Teddy. And so, the moral of the story, dear Emily, is that kindness and sharing can make the world a more magical place, where everyone can join in the fun and soar to new heights of happiness. Goodnight, Emily, and sweet dreams.


- Sep 9, 2023
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"great prompt as description!"
Response from creator- Sep 11, 2023
"Thank you very much 🙏❤️"
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