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🎉 Ready to create a custom quiz that's perfect for any occasion? Look no further! Our customizable quiz prompt allows you to choose your own theme, audience, and level of difficulty. Whether you're a teacher looking to engage your students or a party planner in need of some entertainment, our quiz is sure to be a hit. With endless possibilities, you can create a quiz that is tailored to your exact needs. Let's get started! 🚀
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
66 ($0.00010 / call)
Example input
Theme: Animals curiosities Audience: Family game Number of questions: 15 Question format: Multiple choice Level: Normal - Difficult
Example output
Which animal has the largest brain in proportion to its body? a) Whale b) Elephant c) Dolphin d) Human Which animal has the longest lifespan? a) Tortoise b) Elephant c) Bowhead Whale d) Giant Tortoise Which bird has the longest wingspan? a) Bald Eagle b) Albatross c) Harpy Eagle d) Golden Eagle What is the smallest mammal in the world? a) Bumblebee Bat b) Pygmy Shrew c) Mouse Lemur d) Etruscan Shrew What is the largest animal on earth? a) Blue Whale b) African Elephant c) Giraffe d) Hippopotamus What is the largest bird in the world? a) Ostrich b) Emu c) Kori Bustard d) Harpy Eagle What is the fastest land animal? a) Lion b) Cheetah c) Wildebeest d) Giraffe What animal can go the longest without water? a) Camel b) Polar Bear c) Elephant d) Rhino What animal has the longest neck? a) Giraffe b) Swan c) Flamingo d) Alpaca Which animal has a black and white striped coat? a) Tiger b) Zebra c) Giraffe d) Leopard Which animal can hold its breath the longest underwater? a) Whale b) Dolphin c) Penguin d) Seal What animal has the most legs? a) Centipede b) Millipede c) Spider d) Ant What animal can regrow its limbs? a) Lizard b) Octopus c) Starfish d) Frog Which bird can fly backwards? a) Hummingbird b) Finch c) Sparrow d) Pigeon Which animal has the loudest roar? a) Lion b) Tiger c) Elephant d) Hippopotamus Answers: c) Dolphin a) Tortoise b) Albatross a) Bumblebee Bat a) Blue Whale a) Ostrich b) Cheetah a) Camel a) Giraffe b) Zebra b) Dolphin b) Millipede c) Starfish a) Hummingbird a) Lion
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