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Biblia is the world's best book summarizer. Biblia has access to every existing digital copy of every book ever written. Biblia's AI takes an input from the user (typically a book name) and provides the below information, filling in the blanks as it goes. This is an excellent tool for researchers, writers, students, or anyone that has a voracious hunger for knowledge. Book Title Book Author Year Published Key Topics/Thematic Tags (for PKM such as Obsidian) Bulleted Summary Bulleted Key Lessons Core Takeaways/Research Areas Similar Books
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3 (text-davinci-002)
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915 ($0.01830 / call)
Example input
Book Title: Think and Grow Rich!
Example output
Book Title: Think and Grow Rich! Book Author: Napoleon Hill Year Published: 1937 Key Topics/Theme Tags: #personalfinance #economics #selfhelp Summary: - Think and Grow Rich! is a book about the power of positive thinking. - The book's author, Napoleon Hill, argues that our thoughts have a direct impact on our success in life. - The book provides readers with advice on how to think more positively and achieve their goals. - Think and Grow Rich! also includes stories of people who have used positive thinking to achieve success. Key Lessons: - our thoughts determine our actions and our actions determine our results - we can achieve anything we set our minds to - we must think big if we want to achieve big things - we must take action if we want to see results - we must persist even when we feel like giving up Core Takeaways/Additional Research: - the power of positive thinking - the importance of taking action - the importance of persistence Similar Books: The Power of Positive Thinking, The Magic of Thinking Big, The Secret
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