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Branding Like A Pro

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This prompt is a GOD of Branding; he will Create a logo for your company/Brand, a Slogan, a few sets of typography and a color palette for your brand in RGB and CMYK.
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8 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
77 ($0.0023 / call)
Example input
company: [Travel agency: Mexitravels], [TARGETLANGUAGE: ENGLISH]
Example output
Logo Description: The Mexitravels logo features a stylized Mayan pyramid silhouette, surrounded by the sun in the background with rays extending outward. The sun and pyramid represent Mexico's rich history, culture, and beautiful landscapes. To evoke a sense of adventure and travel, an airplane's curvy contrail wraps around the sun and pyramid, connecting the elements in a harmonious design. Slogan: "Discover Mexico, Uncover Adventure" Typography: Set 1: Logo text - "Mexitravels": Futura Bold (modern, clean, and easy to read) Slogan - "Discover Mexico, Uncover Adventure": Proxima Nova Light (simple and sophisticated) Body text (website, brochures, etc.): Open Sans (versatile and legible) Set 2: Logo text - "Mexitravels": Montserrat Bold (geometric and contemporary) Slogan - "Discover Mexico, Uncover Adventure": Lato Light (elegant and professional) Body text (website, brochures, etc.): Roboto (functional and flexible) Color Palette: Primary - Mexican Blue RGB: (12, 91, 142) CMYK: (92, 49, 0, 44) Secondary - Sunset Orange RGB: (245, 128, 37) CMYK: (0, 48, 85, 4) Accent - Turquoise RGB: (26, 171, 180) CMYK: (85, 0, 33, 0) Background/Neutral - Warm Sand RGB: (244, 237, 222) CMYK: (0, 3, 9, 4) Text - Dark Charcoal RGB: (54, 54, 54) CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 79) The Mexitravels color palette is inspired by the vibrant colors of Mexico, while also maintaining an air of professionalism. The Mexican Blue represents the country's pristine beaches, the Sunset Orange reflects the warm and welcoming sunsets, the Turquoise signifies the stunning waters, and the Warm Sand serves as a neutral and versatile background color. Dark Charcoal is chosen for text to provide excellent legibility and contrast against the lighter background tones.
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