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How many times have you wasted precious minutes reading a long text and extracting only a few useful pieces of information? We don't always have time to read long, tedious texts, be they newspaper articles, tutorials or study texts. Information is becoming more and more abundant and in order not to miss anything, it is useful to extract the fundamental points, leaving aside everything that is irrelevant. 📝 This prompt will help you to extract only the relevant info, expressed in bullet points!
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9 months ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
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Example input
One of the most important rules of success is related to patience. Most people who go about striving to reach for the stars realize only after the fact, that success takes a long time to materialize. Too many people think success, much like everything else in society, is microwavable. Success is the result of consistent actions repeated over time. And the person who disciplines his or her actions daily to do the activities that need to be done to move the needle forward, have an immeasurable advantage over those who lack self-discipline. Too many people think success is about doing what their passionate about. And while this can be true, it can also be a recipe for disaster. If you are passionate about professional basketball, but you can’t make a basket to save your life, and you are four feet tall, going all in on this passion may be futile. Follow your strengths first, and then aim to discover where those strengths overlap with the things your passionate about. Achieving success requires having the right attitude about success. If you’re always negative, always doubting, and constantly looking at why things can’t be done, you’ll find very little success.However, if you have a success mindset, you’ll make significantly more progress towards your goals. Out of all of our rules for success, this one is the most underestimated. What every single person who wishes to succeed must come to terms with before succeeding, is that success requires failure. Success requires that we go through various trials and tribulations. Reaching our pinnacle of success rarely comes easy, and it almost always has us feeling like failures from time to time.
Example output
• Success takes time to materialise • Success is the result of consistent actions • Discipline and self-control is essential • Follow your strengths then pursue what you are passionate about • A positive attitude is necessary • Failure is part of the journey to success
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