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Business Brainstorm Buddy

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Turn ChatGPT into an intelligent brainstorming tool with this prompt. Suited for entrepreneurs, business enthusiasts, or anyone seeking creative business ideas. It generates ideas across a wide range of industries and target markets, provides a comprehensive starting point for business endeavors, and saves users hours of brainstorming time. The perfect tool for business innovation.
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5 months ago

Prompt Details

Completion - GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003)
Token size
96 ($0.0019 / call)
Example input
[Industry]: "Food and Beverage", [Target Market]: "Health-conscious Millennials"
Example output
1. Idea: "Plant-Based Quick Service Restaurant" Description: A fast-food-style restaurant offering a wide range of plant-based meals. Challenges: High competition in the quick-service restaurant market. Solutions: Focus on unique, tasty, and healthy recipes to stand out. 2. Idea: "Healthy Meal-Prep Delivery Service" Description: A service that delivers weekly prepped meals based on individual dietary needs. Challenges: Logistical challenges of food delivery. Solutions: Partner with local delivery services to ensure freshness and timeliness. 3. Idea: "Virtual Health Cafe" Description: An online platform connecting health-conscious individuals over healthy cooking classes, meal plans, etc. Challenges: Building a strong online community. Solutions: Regular interactive events and collaborations with health influencers. 4. Idea: "Health Food Subscription Box" Description: A monthly subscription box delivering an assortment of healthy snacks and ingredients. Challenges: Sourcing a diverse range of products. Solutions: Collaborations with local farmers and health food producers. 5. Idea: "DIY Healthy Smoothie Kits" Description: Pre-packaged smoothie kits with all the necessary ingredients and recipe. Challenges: Ensuring the freshness of ingredients. Solutions: Innovative and sustainable packaging to retain freshness.
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