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✨🖋️ Unleash the poet within! 📝 ChatGPT generates a random poem. ✨ Also customize your own poems with your desired subject, themes, or emotions. 🎵 Then ChatGPT will craft a mesmerizing poem that resonates with your specifications. ✨ Embrace the beauty of poetry and let your ideas shine! ✨
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6 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
740 ($0.0015 / call)
Example input
Poem about sports convey joy
Example output
In the realm where athletes gather and compete, Where cheers of triumph and victory meet, Let's paint a poem with strokes of joy, Celebrating the spirit that sports deploy. On fields of green, where dreams take flight, Where teamwork shines in the brightest light, Athletes dance with grace and skill, Their passion ignites, their hearts fulfill. In the arena, where adrenaline soars, Where fans unite with thunderous roars, Every victory, a moment of pure bliss, In the pursuit of glory, hearts reminisce. The crack of a bat, the swish of a net, The roar of the crowd, a moment to never forget, The goal, the touchdown, the finish line crossed, Each achievement celebrated, no matter the cost. From the courts to the tracks, and everywhere between, The beauty of sports, a timeless scene, Where athletes chase dreams, with relentless might, Filling our hearts with pure delight. The camaraderie found in every team, Through victories and defeats, they gleam, For in sports, bonds are forged and friendships grow, A testament to the joy that sports bestow. So let us celebrate this wondrous sight, The power of sports, a beacon of light, In every game, in every play, The joy of sports shall forever stay. In the realm of sports, where spirits ascend, May joy forever be their faithful friend, For in the thrill of the game, we find our voice, A celebration of life, a reason to rejoice.
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