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Career Pathway Exploration Prompt

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This prompt aids teachers, trainers, and counselors in illustrating potential careers to students and clients based on their skills. It also shows how additional training could open more opportunities. The suggestions serve as pointers for further career planning and discussions. Saves time and effort, just input the skills and you'll receive the result in a clear table. Highly suitable for all beginners with ChatGPT!
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10 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
I have the following skills: [IT basic knowledge, MS Office, texting, writing, mathematics]
Example output
Job / Side Occupation Difficulty Level (1=easy, 5=hard) Description IT Support Technician 2 Provide technical assistance to individuals and organizations with IT basic knowledge. Administrative Assistant 1 Handle clerical tasks and office management utilizing MS Office and writing skills. Freelance Writer 2 Create content for websites, blogs, or publications, leveraging your writing abilities. Tutoring (Mathematics) 1 Offer tutoring services to students, helping them with their math studies. Data Entry Clerk 1 Perform data entry tasks that require MS Office proficiency. Content Editor/Proofreader 2 Review and improve written material as a content editor or proofreader. Web Developer 3 After additional training, become a web developer, creating and maintaining websites. Digital Marketing Specialist 3 Manage online marketing campaigns with training in digital marketing. Technical Writer 3 Explain complex technical concepts in user-friendly language as a technical writer. .......
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