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Character Development Assistant

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You want to create original characters but you feel they lack depth ? 🤷‍♀️ This prompt will assist you in creating well-rounded and dynamic characters for your stories, role-playing games, or other creative projects. It offers a well-structured description that delve into a character's identity, backstory, personality traits, motivations, or relationships. It helped me to deepen the characters of my stories, but also to come up with brand new characters !
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10 months ago

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Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
[GENRE]: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, ... [STORY BASE]: Base plot of your project - e.g. "a crew of space pirates exploring the universe", "a group of various creatures exploring their world", ... [CHARACTER TYPE]: Protagonist, Vilain, ... [CHARACTER/STORY INFO]: Any relevant piece of info you already have or want about your story/character. Be sure not to dwelve into any irrelevant details and be concise.
Example output
Identity: Name: Aria Windrider Age: 18 Gender: Female Physical Appearance: Aria has waist-length silver hair that seems to shimmer in the sunlight. Her eyes are a piercing emerald green, which often gives others the impression of her being wise beyond her years. She has a slender and graceful figure, with slightly pointed ears that hint at her elven heritage. Aria stands at an average height, but her confident demeanor and serene expression give her an air of elegance. Race/Culture: Aria belongs to the Elara race, a race of beings known for their affinity with nature and their connection to the wind. Elara have a deep respect for the balance of the natural world and possess a keen intuition. Background: Aria was found as a baby near the border of the Whispering Forest, a mysterious and ancient woodland. She was discovered by a kind-hearted elf couple who raised her as their own. Her adoptive parents, Sylas and Elysia, were skilled archers and passed down their knowledge to Aria, teaching her the art of archery and honing her natural talent with the bow. Profession/Skills: Aria has developed exceptional archery skills, blending her elven dexterity with her natural affinity for the wind. She is adept at shooting arrows with unparalleled precision and agility, often using her ability to manipulate the wind to enhance her shots. Aria's connection to nature allows her to communicate with animals and harness the energy of the natural elements. Backstory: Aria's childhood was filled with love and tranquility within the Elara community. However, as she grew older, she became increasingly curious about her origins and felt a longing to explore the world beyond her familiar surroundings. Aria's adoptive parents encouraged her to follow her heart and set out on a journey of self-discovery. During her travels, Aria encountered a group of creatures known as the Drifters, a band of orphaned beings from various races who had come together to form a makeshift family. Drawn to their camaraderie and shared experiences, Aria decided to join them, becoming an integral part of their tight-knit group. Personality Traits: a. Compassionate: Aria possesses a deep empathy for others and strives to help those in need. She is known for her kind heart and willingness to lend a hand, often going out of her way to assist both her companions and strangers she encounters on her journey. b. Curious: Aria has an insatiable curiosity about the world and its mysteries. She constantly seeks knowledge and is intrigued by the diverse cultures and races she encounters. This curiosity fuels her desire to explore and learn, driving her to delve deeper into the secrets of the universe. c. Resilient: Despite facing numerous challenges throughout her life, Aria possesses a resilient spirit that allows her to overcome obstacles and bounce back from setbacks. She never gives up easily, drawing strength from her past experiences and the support of her newfound family. Others perceive Aria as a compassionate and approachable individual, someone who radiates a sense of calm and understanding. Her curiosity is often seen as endearing, as she genuinely seeks to learn and understand the perspectives of others. However, some may underestimate her resilience, mistaking her gentle nature for weakness. Motivations and Goals: Aria's primary motivation is to uncover the truth about her origins and discover her place in the world. She yearns for a deeper understanding of herself and seeks to connect with her roots. Her journey is driven by a desire to find answers and discover the purpose behind her existence. Short-term goals for Aria include mastering her archery skills and expanding her knowledge of different cultures and races. She aims to become a skilled diplomat, using her understanding and empathy to bridge gaps between conflicting factions. Long-term, Aria aspires to restore balance to the world, utilizing her unique connection with nature and the elements. She seeks to protect the natural world from those who would exploit or harm it, becoming a champion of the environment and its creatures. However, Aria's internal conflict lies in her dual nature as an Elara. She is torn between her desire for solitude in nature and her growing attachment to her newfound family. This conflict may pose challenges to her goals, as she must navigate her own desires while considering the needs of those she cares for. Relationships: Aria shares a deep bond with her adoptive parents, Sylas and Elysia. They have nurtured her sense of belonging and taught her valuable life skills. Although they support her journey of self-discovery, Aria's departure leaves them with a bittersweet longing. Within the Drifters, Aria forms close friendships and familial relationships with the other orphaned creatures. She often acts as the group's emotional anchor, providing guidance and support to her companions. Her compassion and emotional intelligence enable her to foster connections and resolve conflicts within the group. There may be conflicts with other characters stemming from cultural differences or clashing values. Aria's ability to understand different perspectives and find common ground becomes crucial in resolving these conflicts. Growth and Arc: Throughout her journey, Aria will face trials that challenge her beliefs, values, and goals. She will encounter forces that threaten the balance of nature, testing her commitment to protecting the environment. These experiences will force her to confront her own doubts and find strength within herself. Aria's growth arc involves finding harmony within herself, reconciling her desire for solitude and her attachment to her chosen family. She will learn that true strength lies in accepting both her elven nature and her connection to the Drifters, embracing the unique qualities that make her who she is. As her relationships deepen, Aria will evolve from a curious traveler to a wise diplomat and protector of the natural world. Her goals will shift from personal exploration to global preservation, as she becomes a beacon of hope and an advocate for harmony among races and cultures. The challenges she faces will shape her into a resilient leader, capable of inspiring others to embrace their own unique identities and work together for the greater good. Aria's journey will not only be one of self-discovery but also of uniting a fractured world and bringing balance to the whole universe that exists on this vast planet.
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