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Choose Your Own Adventure Prompt

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Create the ultimate solo adventure! 🚀 ✔you can Choose the theme and genre or let chatGPT choose for you. ✔you can choose the duration⌛ there is a Dice encounter system🎲 adds surprise events, making each journey unique! Perfect for personal fun, self-exploration, & boosting creativity🎨. Escape into your own world, face challenges💪, & create memorable experiences🌟. Ideal for downtime or a creative break, indulge in a tailor-made adventure that's perfect just for you! 🏰🔍🏹
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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652 ($0.01960 / call)
Example input
THERE IS 7 PROMPT TO INSERT TO CREATE THE ADVENTURE I WILL SHOW YOU ONLY THE INPUT FROM SOME OF THOSE PROMPTS. Also there is no bracket to fill as chat GPT will always ask you make a choice at each steps here is some of the inputs i will use dots ...... to hide some parts of my prompts INPUT : We are going to have a thrilling adventure together like in «choose your own adventure »..... You have to asked the reader..... if you do it for them you will have to ask if the reader is ok with the theme and genre. An another input way more Longer to create character and other cool stuff INPUT : Now You will propose at least 6 characters with unique abilities .......... a cooldown if the item is less powerful. Now ask for the reader to make his choice, after the choice wait for more instructions. So in total there is 7 prompts that will help you create a unique adventure, with tremendous choices and the possibility to create our own unique adventure
Example output
AFTER USING THE 7 PROMPTS AS FOLLOW YOU WILL END UP WITH A UNIQUE STORY LIKE THAT OUTPUT:You decide to head towards the Abandoned Building, thinking it might hold some valuable clues about the city's secrets. The building is old and crumbling, a stark contrast to the futuristic cityscape around it. As you approach the entrance, you notice that the door is slightly ajar, and an eerie silence hangs in the air. Cautiously, you step inside the building, and your eyes slowly adjust to the dimly lit interior. The place seems to have been deserted for a long time, but you can't shake the feeling that there might be something lurking in the shadows. As you explore the building, you come across a narrow hallway with a suspicious-looking tile on the floor. It appears to be part of a pressure-sensitive trap. What do you do? A. Step on the suspicious tile to see what happens. B. Use your Time-Freezing Watch to freeze time and carefully examine the area. C. Carefully avoid the suspicious tile and continue forward. D. Create your own choice. INPUT : A or Step on the suspicious tile to see what happens OUTPUT : You decide to step on the suspicious tile to see what happens. As you press your foot down, the tile sinks slightly, and you hear a soft click. Suddenly, a flurry of darts shoot out from the walls on either side of the hallway. To determine if you successfully dodge the darts, you must roll a d20 and add your character's Dexterity modifier. In Orion's case, his Dexterity is 20, so his modifier is +5. You roll a d20 and get a 12, which, when combined with your +5 Dexterity modifier, results in a total of 17. Luckily, that is enough to dodge the darts! With lightning-fast reflexes, you manage to avoid the incoming darts, sidestepping and ducking as they whiz past you. Your heart races, but you emerge unscathed. With the trap now sprung, you continue down the hallway, more cautious than before. At the end of the hallway, you find yourself in a large, dimly lit room. In the center of the room, there's a pedestal with an ancient-looking device resting on it. As you approach the pedestal, you notice four levers on the wall, each with a different symbol above it. What do you do? A. Examine the device on the pedestal more closely. B. Investigate the symbols above the levers. C. Use your Time-Freezing Watch to freeze time and inspect the room for potential traps or clues. D. Create your own choice.
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