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πŸ” Need a professional and clear technical specification? πŸ“ The Clear Specification Writer prompt is here to help! πŸ”₯ This prompt is designed to save you time and effort while creating technical specifications that are easily understood by anyone. βœ… Perfect for engineers, developers, and project managers, this prompt provides you with a simple and effective way to create detailed technical specifications.
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Updated: 11 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
105 ($0.00020 / call)
Example input
Creating a script for the short 15-second TikTok advertising video about a new beautiful pen from PenMakers.
Example output
Technical Specification: Script for a 15-Second TikTok Advertising Video 1. Purpose: The purpose of this technical specification is to provide a clear and detailed plan for creating a 15-second advertising video for PenMakers, which showcases their new and beautiful pen on TikTok. The script will be the foundation for the video, providing the necessary structure and messaging to ensure the final product is engaging and effective. 2. Scope: The scope of this project includes creating a script for a 15-second advertising video that highlights the key features and benefits of PenMakers' new pen. The video will be shared on TikTok, a social media platform known for its short-form videos and its popularity among younger audiences. The goal is to create a visually appealing and compelling video that will increase awareness of the new product and drive sales. 3. Breakdown: The script will be broken down into the following sections: Opening: Establishing the tone and capturing the viewer's attention. Introduction: Introducing the new pen and its features. Benefits: Highlighting the benefits of using the new pen. Call-to-Action: Encouraging viewers to purchase the new pen or visit PenMakers' website. 4. Examples: The following are examples of potential messaging and visuals that can be incorporated into the script: Opening: A shot of someone signing an important document with a pen, followed by text that reads "Make your mark with PenMakers". Introduction: A close-up of the new pen, showcasing its sleek design and smooth writing. Benefits: Text that reads "Experience effortless writing" followed by footage of someone using the pen to write smoothly and effortlessly. Call-to-Action: Text that reads "Upgrade your writing game today" followed by the PenMakers' website and a clickable link to purchase the new pen. 5. Technical Requirements: The following technical requirements must be met for the video to be effective: The video must be 15 seconds or less in length. The video must be optimized for mobile viewing on TikTok. The script must be engaging, concise, and focused on the key features and benefits of the new pen. The visuals must be high-quality and visually appealing, with a consistent brand image and messaging. 6. Acceptance Criteria: The following acceptance criteria must be met for the video to be considered successful: The video must be shared on TikTok and receive a minimum of 10,000 views within one week. The video must receive positive engagement from viewers, including likes, shares, and comments. The video must increase awareness of the new pen and drive sales on PenMakers' website. The script must effectively convey the key features and benefits of the new pen in a concise and engaging manner.
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