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Complete Reel Creator

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🎥 This unique prompt is specially designed to help you create viral reels on Instagram! With this prompt, you'll have access to a wide range of creative ideas for video content that are proven to engage and captivate your audience. 💡 Whether you're new to the world of Instagram reels or a seasoned professional, this prompt will be a valuable tool to help you create quality content that's engaging and memorable. 🚀 So if you want to take your reel creation skills to the next level and create
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8 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
78 ($0.0002 / call)
Example input
about: shoes store
Example output
Introduction: Hi everyone, today I'm here to show you an amazing shoe store that I recently discovered! I am passionate about shoes and this store has options for all tastes and styles. So let's check it out together? Scene 1: Start by showing the storefront while talking about the store's location and ambience. Use background music to create a lively and upbeat atmosphere. Scene 2: Show some of the shoes available in the store, focusing on details such as design, material and comfort. Also highlight the brands that the store works with. Scene 3: Show some looks that can be created with shoes from the store, showing how they can be versatile and adapt to different occasions. Scene 4: Interview one of the store's employees and ask him to talk a little about the services offered, such as the possibility of customizing shoes and the option of home delivery. Scene 5: Show some testimonials from satisfied customers with the store, which can be presented in the form of captions or in video testimonials. Farewell: Wassup guys what did you think? This store is really amazing and worth knowing! Don't forget to visit and check everything up close! To the next! Transitions: Use smooth and creative transitions to make the video more dynamic and interesting. Some suggestions are the disappearing effect, the zoom in and zoom out movement and the use of quick cuts. Hashtags: #shoesshop #fashion #trends #fashion #shoes #style #beauty #comfort #daylook #personalization #sneakers #heels #sneakers #leather #sandals #women's shoes #men's shoes #promotion #discount #home delivery
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