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Create A Story With Prompt Stitching

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Need a tool to recursively create consistent long and great stories, for a variety of applications? Look no further than this Story generator, leveraging the Prompt Engineering technique known as prompt stitching. This prompt is actually 8 prompts in one. You'll feed each successive output back into ChatGPT with the next sequential prompt included, as an input for the next prompt. Hands-down the BEST way to generate longer content. Create ad copy, sales call scripts, narratives - endless uses!
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11 months ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
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Example input
""Prompt 1: Generate a character, name, age, and height for a sci-fi fantasy short story about a girl and her space dog living on Mars"
Example output
Prompt 1 output: Character name: Nova Age: 18 Height: 5’7" Nova is a young girl who was born and raised on Mars. She lives with her loyal space dog, a genetically modified breed known as a “Mars Rover Hound” named Kepler. Kepler has enhanced senses and is able to detect and locate resources on the planet’s surface. Nova is adventurous and curious about the mysteries of the universe, often exploring the vast Martian landscape with Kepler by her side. She dreams of one day discovering evidence of ancient Martian life and unlocking the secrets of the planet’s past. Despite the challenges of living on an inhospitable planet, Nova is determined to make a life for herself and her beloved space dog. Together, they navigate the harsh Martian terrain and face the dangers of space exploration, forming an unbreakable bond along the way. ******* Prompt 2 output: Brave explorer Curious adventurer Determined researcher Loyal companion to Kepler Skilled rover operator Knowledgeable about Martian geology and geography Resourceful problem-solver Creative thinker Fearless in the face of danger Empathetic and caring towards other Martian colonists. ******* Prompt 3 output: Nova’s parents were both prominent Martian geologists who instilled in her a deep love and fascination for the planet. Growing up, Nova spent much of her time exploring the planet’s terrain with her parents, who taught her everything they knew about the planet’s history and geology. After her parents’ untimely death in a rover accident, Nova was left alone on Mars with Kepler as her only companion. Determined to carry on her parents’ legacy and discover the secrets of the planet they loved so much, Nova set out on her own, using her knowledge of Martian geography and her rover operating skills to survive. Nova’s adventures on Mars have made her into a brave and curious explorer, always seeking to uncover new information about the planet and its past. She is a skilled problem-solver and creative thinker, able to navigate the challenges of living on an inhospitable planet with ease. Despite the dangers of living on Mars, Nova remains fearless and determined, motivated by her desire to uncover the secrets of the planet and make a better life for herself and other Martian colonists. Her bond with Kepler is unbreakable, and she is fiercely loyal to her faithful companion. Overall, Nova is a resourceful and empathetic individual, driven by her passion for discovery and her commitment to the Martian way of life. ******* Prompt 4 output: Nova gazed out at the endless expanse of rust-colored sand and jagged rock formations that stretched out before her. The bright Martian sun beat down on her and Kepler, casting long shadows across the rugged landscape. As she took in the beauty of her surroundings, Nova felt a sense of excitement and anticipation wash over her. This was what she had been born to do: explore the mysteries of the Red Planet and uncover the secrets of its past. With Kepler by her side, Nova was ready for any challenge that lay ahead. Little did she know that the adventure she was about to embark upon would push her to the limits of her courage and resourcefulness, testing her in ways she could never have imagined. ******** Prompt 5 output: As Nova and Kepler began their trek across the Martian desert, they noticed something strange in the distance: a plume of smoke rising from a nearby crater. Nova’s curiosity was piqued, and she immediately set her sights on investigating the source of the smoke. But as they approached the crater, Nova realized that this was no natural phenomenon - it was the result of an explosion. Scattered around the rim of the crater were pieces of debris from what appeared to be a crashed spacecraft. Nova’s heart sank as she realized that there may be survivors who were in desperate need of help. Without hesitation, she and Kepler set out to search the area, determined to save any lives they could. But as they delved deeper into the wreckage, they soon discovered that the crash may not have been an accident after all. Nova knew that she would need to use all of her skills and resourcefulness to unravel the mystery of the crash and ensure the safety of any survivors. ******* Prompt 6 output: As Nova and Kepler searched through the wreckage, they found a piece of technology that did not belong to any known spacecraft. It appeared to be of alien origin, and Nova’s heart raced with excitement and fear. Could it be that they had discovered evidence of intelligent life on Mars? As she examined the device, however, Nova’s excitement turned to horror. The device was emitting a strange energy that was interfering with Kepler’s enhanced senses, causing him to become disoriented and agitated. Nova knew that they needed to get away from the device, but she also knew that it could hold the key to understanding what had caused the crash. With time running out and the mystery deepening, Nova realized that she would have to make a difficult decision: risk Kepler’s safety and study the device, or abandon it and focus on finding survivors. ******* Prompt 7 output: After a moment of hesitation, Nova made the difficult decision to leave the strange alien device behind and focus on finding survivors. She knew that her skills and resourcefulness would be critical in the search for any living beings, and she couldn’t risk losing Kepler to the device’s interference. As they continued their search, Nova used her extensive knowledge of Martian geology and geography to navigate the treacherous terrain and locate any possible hiding places for survivors. With Kepler’s enhanced senses, they were able to detect faint signs of life emanating from a nearby cave system. As they entered the caves, Nova’s heart pounded with anticipation and fear. What horrors could be lurking in the darkness? But as they emerged from the other side of the caves, Nova and Kepler were met with a sight that both relieved and confused them: a group of human beings, dressed in strange, high-tech suits, were waiting for them. Nova’s curiosity was piqued, and she knew that she would have to use all of her skills and resourcefulness to unravel the mystery of their presence on Mars. ******* Prompt 8 output: As Nova approached the group of mysterious strangers, she realized that they were not colonists at all - they were members of a secret government agency, tasked with investigating strange energy signatures on the planet’s surface. They had been tracking the alien device that Nova had discovered, and were relieved to find her and Kepler alive and well. Together, Nova and the agency members were able to unravel the mystery of the crashed spacecraft and the strange device, uncovering a sinister plot to disrupt the Martian colonists’ way of life. With the mystery solved and the threat neutralized, Nova returned to her rover, Kepler by her side, and gazed out once more at the vast Martian landscape. Though her adventure had been fraught with danger and uncertainty, Nova knew that she had found her true calling as an explorer and adventurer on the Red Planet. She was determined to continue exploring and uncovering the secrets of Mars, always with Kepler by her side.
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