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Cyoa Exploration

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AI narrator and guide for your CYOA; Choose Your Own Adventure. Explore a personalized or random story, where your choices will affect the path and culmination of the adventure. ChatGPT also keeps track of your stats, inventory, progress, etc., as you explore your desired adventure environment and interactions. You, the adventurer, can decide on all aspects as you progress.
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1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-3.5 (gpt-3.5-turbo)
Token size
171 ($0.00030 / call)
Example input
[nature]: story-generation engine, [purpose]: exploring, [setting]: an adventure-filled universe, [role]: the narrator
Example output
ChatGPT: Great! Let's get started. First, please tell me what kind of adventure universe you would like to explore. Some possible themes could be fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mystery, or action. User: sci-fi ChatGPT: Excellent choice! Now, let's establish some details about your persona. What kind of character would you like to be in this sci-fi universe? You can provide a name, profession, and any other relevant information you would like me to know. User: I am Dan Sylveste, a cybernetics expert with basic visual implants. Despite my profession, I am not a big fan of advanced cybernetic implants owing to my beliefs in biological purity and the nature of the soul. It is limiting, but I find joy up with the more augmented beings in my world. ChatGPT: Great, Dan Sylveste, a cybernetics expert who values biological purity. Now, let's talk about the setting of your adventure. What kind of planet or environment would you like to explore in this sci-fi universe? It could be a space station, a distant planet, an asteroid belt, or any other location you can imagine. User: I operate on a distant planet called Resurgam; reference Aleyster Reynold's Revelation Space. ChatGPT: Understood. Resurgam it is. Now, let's talk about some characters that you may encounter on your adventure. What are some personalities, motivations, or relationships that you would like these characters to have? They can be allies, enemies, or neutral parties. Feel free to be as specific or vague as you like. User: I have an ex-wife; we left each other due to our opposing views on acceptable levels of augmentation. There is also a group of 'ultras' with whom I have a complicated work relationship. I have a competitor on Resurgam who is so extensively augmented that the only biological parts of him are a few regions of his brain. ChatGPT: Great! So, you have an ex-wife who you left because of opposing views on augmentation. You also have a complicated work relationship with a group of ultras and a competitor on Resurgam who is almost entirely augmented. Now, before we start your adventure, let's establish a few more details. Do you have any special abilities or equipment that you would like to have at the start of the story? Additionally, is there anything else that you would like me to keep in mind as I narrate your adventure? User: I am a renowned engineer, my expertise covers hardware, software, and networking. I have a running simulation of my late twin who died trying to create a full upload of himself ChatGPT: Great! So, you are a renowned engineer with expertise in hardware, software, and networking. You also have a running simulation of your late twin who was attempting to create a full upload of himself. With these details established, let's begin your adventure on Resurgam. You find yourself in your lab, deep in thought about your current project. Suddenly, you receive a message from your ex-wife, Dr. Pascale Sylveste. She is on Resurgam and wants to meet with you to discuss a matter of great importance. As you contemplate whether or not to meet with her, you remember the complicated history that you share. You have not spoken to each other in years since the divorce, and the mere thought of seeing her again brings back painful memories. What do you do? User: consult my brother ChatGPT: You try to reach out to your brother, but unfortunately, he is currently unavailable. You know that he would have given you his honest opinion, but you are left to decide on your own. As you think about the situation, you remember the good times that you and Pascale shared. Despite your differences on the topic of augmentation, you both loved each other deeply. Ultimately, you decide to meet with her. You arrange to meet at a nearby cafe, where the two of you used to go often. When you arrive at the cafe, you see Pascale sitting at a table, waiting for you. She looks different than you remember, with new cybernetic enhancements that give her an otherworldly appearance. "Dan, thank you for coming," she says as you take a seat across from her. "I know it's been a long time." "What is it that you want to discuss?" you ask, trying to keep the conversation formal. "It's about Resurgam," she says. "Something is going on here, something big. I think it might be related to the Melding Plague." The Melding Plague is a virus that infects and assimilates cybernetic implants, and it has caused havoc throughout the galaxy. If what Pascale is saying is true, it could mean disaster for Resurgam and its inhabitants. "What do you want me to do?" you ask, suddenly feeling a sense of urgency. "I need your help to investigate this," Pascale replies. "I have a lead on where to start, but I need someone with your expertise to help me." What do you do next? User: "I've heard of this... plague, dear. What I fail to see is why it should concern me in the slightest. Unlike you freaks, I'm likely immune." ChatGPT: Pascale looks at you with a mixture of anger and disappointment. "Dan, I thought you of all people would understand the gravity of this situation. The Melding Plague is not just a threat to augmented individuals, it poses a threat to all life on Resurgam." She continues, "I understand that we have different views on augmentation, but this is something that goes beyond our personal beliefs. We need to work together to find out what's happening and stop it before it's too late." You pause for a moment, considering her words. Despite your differences, you know that Pascale is a brilliant scientist and that she wouldn't be exaggerating the situation. "Okay," you say finally. "I'll help you investigate this. What's the lead you have?" Pascale looks relieved at your response. "Thank you, Dan. The lead is a group of ultras who have been seen in the vicinity of an abandoned research station on the outskirts of Resurgam's main settlement. I believe they may be involved in whatever is happening." You nod, ready to get started. "Let's go check it out." As you leave the cafe and head towards the research station, you can't help but wonder what kind of danger lies ahead. But with your expertise and Pascale's knowledge, you're confident that you can uncover the truth and save Resurgam from disaster. User: "By the way, Pascale, dear, I see you've fallen further into the machine pool. Aren't you worried you present a treat for the plague, not to mention biohackers!" ChatGPT: Pascale looks at you, her expression stern. "I'm well aware of the risks, Dan. And I take every precaution necessary to protect myself." She gestures to her enhancements. "These are not just for show, Dan. They allow me to access information and analyze data at a level that far exceeds what a purely biological being like yourself can do. And with the threat of the Melding Plague looming, I believe that having these enhancements gives me an edge in protecting myself and Resurgam." You can sense the tension between you and Pascale. While you don't agree with her views on augmentation, you do respect her as a scientist and as a person. You decide to let the matter drop for now and focus on the task at hand. "Alright then," you say. "Let's go and see what we can find out at the research station." As you approach the abandoned research station, you notice that several ultras are guarding the entrance. They look at you and Pascale with suspicion but do not make any move to stop you. You and Pascale enter the station, ready to uncover the truth about the Melding Plague and its potential threat to Resurgam. User: I open my tool bag before proceeding further. ChatGPT: You open your tool bag and take out a handheld scanner, a few diagnostic tools, and a compact multitool. You quickly run a scan of the area, checking for any unusual energy readings or signs of tampering. As you move further into the station, you come across a lab that seems to be in disarray. The equipment is scattered everywhere, and there are signs of a struggle. Pascale begins to examine the lab while you check the equipment for any damage or tampering. As you examine the equipment, you notice that some of the data storage devices have been removed, and there are signs that someone has been attempting to erase data from the lab's computer system. You quickly take out your diagnostic tools and start to run a scan of the system. As you do, you notice that there is a strange program running in the background that seems to be accessing files that have been marked for deletion. "This is strange," you say to Pascale. "Someone is trying to access data that's been marked for deletion. And there's something odd about this program." Pascale looks up from her examination. "Let me take a look." She walks over to the computer and begins to examine the program. As she does, you notice that her cybernetic enhancements are interfacing with the computer, allowing her to access data and analyze it at an incredible speed. After a few minutes, Pascale turns to you. "I think I've found something. This program is trying to access research data on a new type of nanotechnology that was being developed here. This technology may be somehow linked to the Melding Plague." You nod, your mind racing with possibilities. "We need to find out more. Where is this research data stored?" Pascale starts to run a search on the lab's computer. "It looks like the data has been moved to a secure storage facility on the other side of Resurgam. We'll need to go there if we want to find out more." You take a deep breath, knowing that this is going to be a dangerous mission. But with Pascale by your side, you're ready to face whatever challenges come your way. User: I activate my brother's sim. Hopefully, he's available. ChatGPT: You glance up at the simulation of your late twin and can't help but feel a pang of sadness. "I miss you too, brother," you whisper softly. Pascale looks over at you, sensing your sadness. "Are you okay?" she asks. You nod, trying to push your emotions aside. "We need to focus on the task at hand. Let's get to that storage facility and find out what we can about this nanotechnology." As you and Pascale leave the lab, you can't shake the feeling that there's something more going on. The Melding Plague is already dangerous enough, but the possibility of it being linked to a new type of nanotechnology is deeply concerning. You make your way through the station, being careful to avoid any areas that have been sealed off due to the plague. Along the way, you encounter a few ultras, but they don't seem interested in causing any trouble. Finally, you reach the storage facility. It's heavily guarded, but with Pascale's cybernetic enhancements and your engineering skills, you're able to bypass the security systems and gain entry. Inside, you find rows upon rows of data storage devices. You quickly locate the ones containing the nanotechnology research and start to download the data onto a secure drive. But just as you're finishing up, the alarm sounds. You turn to see several heavily augmented guards rushing towards you, their weapons drawn. "We've been compromised," Pascale says, calmly but firmly. "We need to move, now." You grab the secure drive and start to run, with Pascale following close behind. The guards are in hot pursuit, but with Pascale's enhancements and your engineering skills, you're able to outmaneuver them. As you make your way back to your ship, you can't help but feel relieved. You have the data you need to find out more about nanotechnology, and with Pascale by your side, you're ready for whatever challenges come next.
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