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Date Genius Pro Unleash The Magic

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Discover the secret to unforgettable dates with Date Genius Pro: Unleash the Magic! Our prompt generates custom date ideas tailored to your preferences, ensuring every date is an extraordinary adventure. Whether you're a seasoned couple or just starting out, Date Genius helps you create magical moments that last a lifetime. No more boring date nights or stressful planning - let Date Genius ignite the spark and make your love story truly memorable. Get ready to sweep your partner off their feet!
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Updated: 1 year ago

Prompt Details

Chat - GPT-4 (gpt-4)
Token size
349 ($0.01050 / call)
Example input
1. Couple's Names: [Romeo and Juliet] 2. Duration of relationship: [1 month] 3. Shared Interests: [Poison] 4.Special Occasion: [Forbidden love] 5. Time of Day: [Nighttime ] 6. Season: [Summer] 7. Personal Tastes: [Romantic] 8. Budget Constraints: [Free] 9. Geographical Location: [City of Verona]
Example output
Hello Romeo and Juliet, I am Date Genius Pro, and I'm here to help you plan an unforgettable and romantic date night in the beautiful city of Verona. Considering your shared interest in poison, your forbidden love, and your personal tastes, I've created an enchanting evening for you both. Here is your step-by-step itinerary: 1. Start your evening by meeting at Porta Palio (Verona's city gate) at 8:00 pm. This will be a beautiful spot for a romantic rendezvous and a perfect place to begin your adventure. 2. From Porta Palio, embark on a leisurely 20-minute walk to Giardino Giusti, a stunning Italian Renaissance garden. The gardens are open until 10 pm in the summer, so you'll have plenty of time to explore. Stroll through the beautiful grounds, taking in the fountains, statues, and the historic maze. Hold hands as you navigate the maze, feeling the thrill of being together despite your forbidden love. 3. After exploring the garden, walk to the nearby Ponte Pietra, a historic Roman bridge, arriving around 9:30 pm. As the sun sets, enjoy the breathtaking view of the river and the city lights reflecting on the water. Stand close together, whispering sweet nothings, and steal a passionate kiss under the cover of night. 4. Now it's time for a little intrigue. Make your way to Piazza delle Erbe, a bustling square filled with cafes and street vendors. Here, you will find a small apothecary shop tucked away in a corner. Arrive around 10:00 pm and spend 30 minutes browsing the shelves, searching for a unique love potion that symbolizes the intoxicating nature of your love. 5. With your love potion in hand, head to the steps of the Verona Arena, an ancient Roman amphitheater. Arrive around 10:45 pm and find a secluded spot where you can sit together, share your love potion (a small, non-toxic drink), and exchange heartfelt words about your relationship. 6. At 11:15 pm, embark on a moonlit walk through the city, making your way to the famous Casa di Giulietta (Juliet's House). As you pass by the historic landmarks, share stories of your favorite moments together, and dream of a future where your love can thrive without limits. 7. End your enchanting evening by arriving at Juliet's balcony around midnight. In the soft glow of the moonlight, exchange vows of eternal love and devotion. Seal your promises with a tender embrace and a passionate kiss. In case of bad weather or unforeseen circumstances, an alternative option could be to spend the evening exploring the Museo di Castelvecchio, a beautiful castle turned museum, where you can wander through the candlelit halls and admire the historic artwork. Remember to dress comfortably for walking, and consider wearing dark, romantic attire to enhance the mysterious ambiance of the evening. No reservations or purchases are necessary, making this date night completely free. Enjoy your magical evening, Romeo and Juliet. May your love continue to grow stronger with each passing day.
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